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District Information

With recent changes to the legislative maps, I wanted to provide some information about the updated districts. Act 94, signed into law by Governor Evers on February 19, 2024, creates new legislative districts going forward. I’m hoping these photos can help you understand how these changes might affect you. 

The State Senate seat for our area is the 27th District, which in the Assembly encompasses the 79th, 80th, and 81st District. While I currently represent the 79th District, the majority of what is currently the 79th District will become the new 81st District. These photos show what areas are included in the new districts.

To find information about your specific address, you can use this tool on the legislative page. However, these results can sometimes lead to more confusion, so feel free to call my office directly at 608-237-9179 if you have further questions. We would be happy to search your address and walk you through what your new district looks like.

To view these maps in PDF format, click here.

To view the municipal breakdown as an excel spreadsheet, click here.