Women in Public Office Day

2017 Assembly Joint Resolution 105 Passed!.png

This resolution proclaimed March 19, 2018 to be “Celebrating Women in Public Office Day” in Wisconsin. The resolution was introduced by Representative Lisa Subeck and Representative Kathy Bernier, both of whom serve in leadership roles within the National Foundation for Women Legislators.

While the twentieth century was a pivotal time of growth for women entering politics, women remain underrepresented. In Wisconsin, only 25% of the state legislative seats are represented by women. On March 19, during Women’s History Month, municipalities and states across the nation will unite to support the success of women in public office. Additionally, there are activities, events, and programs scheduled which will recognize the importance of women in public office throughout the country.

On March 19, we celebrated women across Wisconsin who hold public office and have seats at the policy-making table. Now more than ever we need more strong women serving in elected positions at all levels of government.

Click here to view the text of the resolution.

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