Representative Lisa Subeck Joins Governor Tony Evers to Introduce the Less for Rx Act “All Wisconsinites need and deserve access to affordable healthcare, including prescription drugs, and the Less for Rx Act could provide some much-needed relief to patients struggling to afford potentially lifesaving medications they or their children need.”
Democrats Introduce Campaign Finance Integrity Legislation “Citizens United and the resulting influx of spending by corporations and SuperPACs have eroded the people’s trust in their elected officials. We need urgent action to restore our democracy and get big money out of politics.”
Members on the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules Urge Co-Chairs to Hold a Public Hearing Before Executive Session on Aug. 3rd This action is a clear overreach. It s a cynical attempt to insert politics into public health because Senator Nass, Representative Neylon, and legislative Republicans can t seem to work with anyone, even former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson.
Rep. Subeck Cries Foul on Republican Committee Chair’s Fast-tracked Proposal to Undermine Health and Safety Measures on UW Campuses It is clear that this power grab will have negative consequences for our campuses and our communities.  The least Senator Nass could do is to allow an open and honest discussion that engages health experts, university leaders, and the students and staff who will be impacted.
With Future of Roe v. Wade in Jeopardy, Wisconsin Needs the Abortion Rights Preservation Act Now With the future of Roe v. Wade in jeopardy, the time has come to pass the Abortion Rights Preservation Act, which would repeal Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban and preserve the right to make personal reproductive healthcare decisions without interference from politicians