Representative Lisa Subeck’s Statement on Passage of “Right to Work” Legislation



MADISON – The following is a statement from Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) on today’s passage of controversial, highly-partisan “Right to Work” legislation after debating the bill for 24 hours:


“This morning, instead of providing the economic and educational opportunities needed to guarantee every resident in Wisconsin has the freedom to work, raise a family, and attain the American Dream, we passed a bill that interferes with private contracts made between employers and employees. The right to work – the freedom to work, really – requires many things, and the bill we just passed isn’t one of them. 


“Real freedom to work would mean earning a living wage that can support a family and giving the residents of Wisconsin freedom to attain the American Dream.


“Freedom to work would be having access to affordable and high quality childcare while at work, paid maternity or paternity care, paid sick leave and family leave. These things would give Wisconsinites the freedom to work without having to worry about job loss or lost wages due to needs of their family.   


“Freedom to work means safety in the workplace ensuring freedom from injury or even death on the job.


“Freedom to work would mean having access to training and education needed to thrive in a 21st century economy and to be successful on the job. Giving hard working Wisconsinites the freedom to attain a career and opportunity for upward mobility is true freedom.


“Instead we passed a bill that won’t create a single job. It won’t ensure anyone’s rights or freedoms, but it does take away the right to organize and collectively bargain for the things that do truly give each of us the ‘right to work.’ This bill takes away the freedom of working individuals across the state to organize and negotiate collectively for safety and economic security, and does nothing to put a single Wisconsinite back to work.”