Representative Lisa Subeck Response to Governor Walkers Budget Address




MADISON - Representative Lisa Subeck (D-78) made the following statement in response to Governor Walker’s budget address:

“A budget that puts the people of Wisconsin first by expanding economic opportunity is what Wisconsin needs in 2015. Unfortunately tonight, Governor Walker presented another budget that makes the wrong choices for Wisconsin. Instead of investing in expanding economic opportunities and improving the lives of Wisconsin’s hard working families, Walkers budget makes record cuts to the University of Wisconsin System, puts transportation spending on the state’s credit card and diverts money away from our neighborhood schools and sends it to unaccountable voucher schools.


Wisconsin’s economy lags behind other Midwestern states and while they are investing in education, higher wages and expanding economic opportunities for the middle class, Governor Walker wants to cut $300 million dollars from our UW System. These cuts will result in a lower quality, less affordable and less accessible higher education system. In a 21st century global economy, now is the time to invest in - not cut - our young people’s access to the higher education that opens the doors to economic opportunity.


Wisconsin’s budget should be a clear reflection of our priorities. In his budget proposed tonight, Governor Walker takes us further down the road of economic disarray. Again, Walker puts the desires of wealthy special interests ahead of the people of Wisconsin. Instead of addressing Wisconsin’s current budget deficit and shortfalls, Walker again places the burden squarely on the backs of Wisconsin’s middle class families.”