DATE: May 9 2019
CONTACT: Lisa Subeck, 608-266-7521(office)



Republicans Put Health Care Access in Jeopardy for Women and Families  


MADISON – Today, Republicans on the Assembly Health Committee passed Assembly Bills 179, 180, 182, and 183, four divisive, inflammatory reproductive health bills. On the same day, the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee will strip Medicaid expansion from the state budget, along with a number of other important proposals. Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) released the following statement regarding today’s actions.  


“Assembly Republicans are advancing a divisive, anti-women’s health agenda when we can and should be working together to improve health outcomes for women, babies, and families.  


Legislative Republicans’ choice to cut Medicaid expansion from the budget leaves us unable to make needed health care investments such as the Healthy Women, Healthy Babies initiative, expanded access to drug treatment, and improvements to mental health services.  


The people we represent have made it clear that they want bipartisan solutions to the problems our communities face. The time has come for Republicans to stop putting politics ahead of the people of Wisconsin.”




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