DATE: June 25, 2019

CONTACT: Lisa Subeck, 608-266-7521(office)


Republican Budget Proposal Misses Key Opportunities & Investments in Wisconsin’s Future

MADISON – Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) offered the following statement ahead of today’s Assembly floor vote on the 2019-21 state budget. The vote comes after the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee stripped out many key provisions from Governor Evers’s budget proposal, including Medicaid expansion, a significant increase in special education funding, and major investments in programs aimed at preserving our natural resources. 

 “Governor Evers proposed a budget that put people first by making the bold investments in health care, education, transportation, and clean water that Wisconsin needs. Unfortunately, Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee cut Medicaid expansion and other key investments, leaving a trail of missed opportunities.

Republicans slashed Medicaid expansion, costing Wisconsin taxpayers millions of dollars and passing up the opportunity to improve healthcare in our state.

Republicans cut special education funding, passed on the chance to comprehensively address our water quality crisis, and failed to act on sustainable transportation funding to fix our crumbling roads & bridges. 

The Republican budget forces Wisconsinites to pay more for healthcare and more to fund our roads, while offering less relief for the middle class and maintaining big tax breaks for millionaires.

A budget is a reflection of our values, and the budget proposed by Gov. Evers reflects the values of the people of Wisconsin. The Republican budget that came out of Joint Finance falls far short of the Governor’s plan and fails to make needed investments in our schools, our health, our infrastructure, and our people. Today, I stand with Governor Evers and my Democratic colleagues in support of putting people ahead of politics and making the critical investments our state needs.”