December 11, 2018


Governor Scott Walker
Office of the Governor
PO Box 7863
Madison, WI 53707


Dear Governor Walker,

I write to share my strong opposition to the extraordinary session bills limiting the powers of the executive branch. I am particularly concerned about how these bills impact the ability of the Governor and Attorney General to do the jobs they are elected to do.

While you and I have disagreed on many issues during your tenure as Governor, I respected the will of voters and recognized that they had entrusted you to the job for which you were elected.  Now, I urge you to do the honorable thing by vetoing this legislation which fundamentally overrides the will of Wisconsin voters and threatens core tenets of our democratic governance.

People from across the state and of all political persuasions have voiced strong opposition to this legislation. Right now, Wisconsin residents are setting partisan differences aside and standing up together for representative democracy.

In the first 72 hours after these bills were introduced, I heard from hundreds of constituents urging me to oppose this legislation, which they viewed as a desperate attempt to consolidate power by a legislature all too willing to override the will of the people.   Since then, I have continued to receive emails and calls from residents asking how they can stop this fundamental attack on our democracy.

Today I am asking you, on behalf of my constituents, to veto legislation that would drastically limit the power of the executive branch that you have had available to you during the last eight years. Please respect the will of the people and protect our democracy.


State Representative Lisa Subeck
78th Assembly District