Representative Lisa Subeck Supports Proposal to Place Abortion Question on April Ballot

MADISON – This week, the Senate and Assembly are poised to consider a last minute resolution, scheduled by Republican leadership for a floor vote without any public hearing or committee consideration, that would place a politically motivated advisory referendum question about public benefits on the spring ballot. Governor Tony Evers and legislative Democrats held a press conference ahead of today’s Senate floor session, calling instead for offering Wisconsinites a chance to formally weigh in on restoring abortion access. The Democratic proposal would place the question, “Shall Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion law be repealed and the constitutional rights guaranteed under Roe v. Wade be restored?” Representative Lisa Subeck released the following statement in support of the proposal:

“The Supreme Court’s ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, coupled with an archaic 1849 criminal abortion ban still on our state’s books, has had a chilling effect on abortion access in Wisconsin. Though the Governor and Attorney General have filed a lawsuit questioning the ban’s enforceability, abortion services have come to a halt in Wisconsin while the case makes its way through the courts.

Make no mistake about it, repealing Roe v. Wade was an assault on our freedom to make our own reproductive health care decisions and our freedom to choose when and if we bear children. Seeking an abortion is a deeply personal decision that should be made by individuals, their physicians, and their families, without interference by politicians.

Since the repeal of Roe v. Wade, Wisconsinites have been calling on us to restore access to abortion. Yet, Republicans have refused to even discuss repealing our ban and returning abortion access to what it was in our state prior to the court’s decision to overturn Roe.

The least we can do is give Wisconsinites a chance to formally weigh in when they cast their votes this spring. I am quite certain that when the votes are counted, it will be clear that the people of our state support restoring our freedom by restoring Roe in Wisconsin.”

Rep. Subeck has represented the 78th Assembly District since 2015 and serves as Chair of the Assembly Democratic Caucus.