Representative Lisa Subeck Stands Up for Democracy

Joins Colleagues in Introducing "Fresh Start for Wisconsin" Legislation

MADISON – State Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) joined her Assembly Democratic Colleagues in introducing a package of good government bills today that will provide a fresh start for Wisconsin during this legislative session.

“The people of Wisconsin want clean and open government, and fairness in the political process,” Representative Subeck said.  “I agree, and that is why we are introducing a package of bills to restore open, transparent government and pro-democracy policies that put people first.”

The bills are focused on four simple principles:

  • Redistricting Reform -Wisconsinites have a constitutional right to choose and be fairly represented by their elected officials, regardless of their political affiliation. We will introduce legislation for nonpartisan redistricting based on the Iowa model.


  • Preventing Power Grabs - The legislature should not be allowed to change the powers of another branch of government during a lame duck session. We will introduce a constitutional amendment to prohibit changing the powers of one branch of government during a lame duck session.


  • Open and Accessible Government - The democratic process requires democratic input. The voice of the people must have its chance to be heard.  We are introducing legislation to enshrine the open meetings law in the state constitution and eliminate special treatment for the legislature under the law.


  • Campaign Finance Reform - Powerful special interest groups and wealthy corporations continue to have a growing influence on elections across Wisconsin and nationwide. It’s time we make elections about everyday people, not billionaires and corporations, by repealing onerous provisions in state law put into place in 2015 and adopting changes advocated for by nonpartisan organizations.


“Wisconsin was once a leader in open and transparent government, but that has changed over the last 8 years of Republican control,” Representative Subeck said.  “It is time we come together for a fresh start by putting people ahead of political gain.”



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