Representative Lisa Subeck’s Statement on Governor Walker’s Budget Address

February 08, 2017

MADISON – State Representative Lisa Subeck (D – Madison) released the following statement today regarding the biennial budget proposal submitted by Governor Walker.

“The people of Wisconsin have been burdened by three failed Republican budgets over the past six years. I had hoped the Governor would recognize the error of his ways and propose a budget that would put forward honest and effective proposals to get Wisconsin back on track. Unfortunately, the budget offered today by the Governor follows the same recipe for failure.

Under Republican leadership, Wisconsin has the fastest shrinking middle-class in the nation. Our youth correctional facilities are under FBI investigation; our state-run home for veterans was found to provide substandard care; and our roads and bridges are literally crumbling beneath us. In his budget proposal, the Governor completely ignores the frightening reality of the mess his administration has created.

The Governor’s budget does nothing to help hardworking middle-income families make ends meet. As our Republican Governor continues to ignore the struggles of working families, my Democratic colleagues and I remain committed to raising wages, expanding education and employment opportunities, making childcare affordable, expanding family and medical leave, and ensuring equal pay in the workplace. ”