Representative Lisa Subeck Praises Dane County Board Proposal to Increase Living Wage

August 18, 2016

MADISON –Today, Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) expressed support for Dane County Board Supervisor Jeff Pertl’s proposal to incrementally increase wages for home care workers and others employed by Dane County and its contractors to $15 per hour. Representative Subeck stood with Dane County Board Supervisors, members of labor, and fellow legislators at a press conference announcing the proposal. 

“Kudos to County Board Supervisor Jeff Pertl and his colleagues for taking this bold step to support our home care workers and others who do work for the county,” said Rep. Subeck. “These workers care for our elderly and disabled family members and neighbors, yet they too often do not make enough money to care for their own families.”

Dane County has an established “living wage” ordinance, but the current wage of $11.66 falls short of the cost of living throughout the county. The proposal announced today would accelerate the rate at which wages increase for covered workers over the next 6 years, helping to support working families and put money right back into our local economy.

“Increasing wages puts money into the pockets of working families, who in turn put that money right back into our local Dane County economy,” said Rep. Subeck. “At a time when our Governor and Republicans in the Legislature have done everything in their power to drive down wages, it is incumbent upon our local officials to take action to ensure hardworking people in our communities are rewarded with a living wage.”

Living Wage Press Conference.png