Representative Lisa Subeck: Governor’s Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices Releases Recommendations


 MADISON- Today, Governor Tony Evers’ Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices announced the release of its final report. The report contains policy recommendations to reduce prescription drug prices and provide relief to consumers on prescription prices. 

“While many factors affect the cost of prescription drugs, the Task Force recommendations released today could provide some much-needed relief to patients struggling to afford their medications,” said Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison). “The Governor’s Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices brought together a diverse group of stakeholders to develop a set of recommendations to tackle the ongoing challenge of prescription drug affordability, and I look forward to working with Governor Evers to advance and implement the Task Force’s proposals.”

 The 21-member task force, chaired by OCI Deputy-Commissioner Nathan Houdek, included pharmacists, doctors, industry leaders, public benefit experts, advocates, and legislators. Between November 2019 and August 2020, the task force met eight times to research, conduct listening sessions, and consult with external experts. 

Some of the final recommendations included the Task Force report included:

  • Capping the copay amount an insurer can charge for insulin
  • Increasing transparency in the pharmaceutical supply chain to help identify excessive profits and eliminate waste that harms consumers
  • Strengthening consumer protections and anti-trust enforcement of pharmaceutical companies
  • Advocating for federal action to end anti-competitive practices that drive prescription drug unaffordability
  • Creating a prescription drug purchasing entity to leverage the purchasing power of public sector employers in order to drive down the price of prescription drugs 
  • Establishing a statewide repository for unused or discontinued prescription drugs to help provide needed medications for uninsured or under-insured Wisconsinites 
  • Ensuring that critical safety net providers and community health centers can continue benefitting from discounted drug programs to support patient wellness and community care activities

 “I applaud Governor Evers for recognizing the challenges faced by individuals and families in our state due to the high cost of prescription drugs and Deputy-Commissioner Houdek for his leadership and facilitation of the Task Force,” said Rep. Subeck. “The work of the Task Force provides a real opportunity to implement state level policies that meet the challenge of prescription drug affordability head-on.”

The full report of the Governor’s Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices and its Executive Summary may be found at: