Representative Lisa Subeck Calls for End to Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

MADISON – In the past week, two Republican members of the Wisconsin State Assembly have compared public health measures in the face of a pandemic to actions taken by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison), author of the Holocaust Education Bill (2021 WI Act 30), and board member of the National Association of Jewish Legislators issued the following statement.

“At a time when anti-Semitic incidents continue to rise, hyperbolic rhetoric by Republican elected officials about the Holocaust needs to end now.  These types of statements pile onto ever increasing anti-Semitic incidents in our state, and continue to create divisions in an already ultra-divided country.

It was just over a month ago we took a bi-partisan vote on requiring Holocaust education in our schools.  I call on you to be our ally by ceasing to participate in anti-Semitic language, to educate others on how this affects the Jewish community, and to reflect upon how the atrocious acts of the Holocaust do not need to be referenced in political debate.” 

Representatives Lisa Subeck is one of three Jewish members in the Wisconsin Legislature, and also serves as Vice Chair of the Assembly Democratic Caucus.