Rep. Lisa Subeck: Statement on Competing Federal Court Decisions on Mifepristone

MADISON – On Friday, a Federal District Court Judge suspended the FDA’s approval of mifepristone, a medication commonly used for medication abortions and managing miscarriages. Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of the Northern District of Texas, who worked as an attorney for a conservative anti-abortion organization before his appointment to the bench by former President Donald Trump, suspended the 23 year-old approval of the medication. Soon after, a federal judge in Washington granted an injunction preventing the FDA from restricting the availability of mifepristone in several states.

The Texas decision takes effect on April 14, though the status of the FDA’s approval beyond that point will remain uncertain as these two conflicting decisions make their way through the courts. Rep. Subeck released the following statement in response.

“In a blatant abuse of power and yet another assault on reproductive freedom in a post-Roe America, a single Trump-appointed judge in Texas is attempting to restrict access to safe and legal abortion throughout the entire country.

While mifepristone remains available, at least for now, it is clear that activist judges and the extreme anti-abortion Republican politicians who appoint them will stop at nothing to restrict our ability to make our own decisions about our reproductive health and our futures.”

Rep. Subeck has represented the 78th Assembly District since 2015 and serves as Chair of the Assembly Democratic Caucus.