Raise the Wage Legislation Introduced to Set $15 Minimum Wage

MADISON, WI – Today, Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) introduced Raise the Wage legislation as a part of the Building Economic Security Together (BEST) agenda. The BEST package of legislation was rolled out at a press conference today with other Democratic legislators.  

The proposed legislation would increase the minimum wage to $10.85 upon enactment, raise it to $15 one year later, and then the minimum wage would be adjusted each year based on inflation. Additionally, the legislation would remove a provision currently in state law that bans local governments from passing their own minimum wage legislation and eliminate the lower minimum wage for tipped workers.

“No one who works hard every day should have to be poor,” said Representative Subeck. “All working people deserve the dignity that comes from knowing you can put a roof over your head, feed your family, and plan for your future.”

According to an October 2023 report from the High Road Strategy Center at the University of Wisconsin, approximately 9% of Wisconsin workers currently earn less than $15 per hour. Under the bill, these 232,000 workers would get a raise.

"Wisconsin’s minimum wage has not increased in more than a decade. It is time we raise our minimum wage, start attracting more workers to our state, and make the phrase ‘working poor’ the oxymoron that it ought to be.”