Proposed Republican Budget Fails to Deliver for Wisconsin

Democrats Fight for Working Families

MADISON – Ahead of today’s State Assembly vote on Wisconsin’s biennial budget, Representative Lisa Subeck criticized the proposed Republican plan advanced to the Assembly by the Republican dominated Joint Finance Committee and State Senate for its failure to make key investments vital to hardworking Wisconsin families. Republicans slashed the Governor’s proposed budget, stripping key investments in our workforce and our communities. Despite a nearly $7 billion surplus, their proposal fails to make needed investments in childcare, small businesses, Wisconsin’s universities and technical colleges, and expanded access to health care. Instead, the Republican plan uses the surplus to pay for an unfair tax scheme that provides big giveaways to millionaires and billionaires while leaving the rest of the state behind.

“Our budget is a reflection of our values and priorities, and Wisconsinites deserve better than what the Republicans are offering. With a record surplus, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in Wisconsin’s middle class. Instead, Republicans choose winners and losers with an unfair tax scheme and a massive giveaway to millionaires and billionaires.

Throughout the budget process, Democrats have held listening sessions, met with constituents, and received emails and phone calls from the people we represent. On the Assembly floor today, we will fight for a budget that reflects the values and priorities of our constituents.

We can make a real difference for working families struggling to find quality, affordable childcare. We can make historic investments in our small businesses and address the workforce shortage. And we can deliver tax cuts for the middle class while expanding access to health care, funding our universities and technical colleges, and investing in our local communities.

The Republicans have handed us a budget proposal that fails to deliver for Wisconsin. The hardworking people of our state deserve better.”

Rep. Subeck has represented the 78th Assembly District since 2015 and serves as Chair of the Assembly Democratic Caucus.