On 1st Anniversary of Parkland Massacre, Democratic State Lawmakers Relaunch Wisconsin Coalition for Gun Safety

February 14, 2019

MADISON- Today, on the anniversary of the tragic Parkland shooting, which left 17 innocent students and staff dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the Wisconsin Coalition for Gun Safety joins millions of Americans in grieving for the lives lost, the families devastated, and the communities shattered by this massacre. The founding members of the Wisconsin Coalition for Gun Safety, Sen. LaTonya Johnson and Reps. Melissa Sargent, Lisa Subeck, and Chris Taylor, as well as newly elected Rep. Shelia Stubbs, issued the following statement:

“Today we remember and mourn the fourteen children who died in their high school in Parkland, Florida. But we also grieve for the almost 1,200 children who have died from gun violence since then. Gone are the days of inaction; too many children are living in communities with trauma and violence lurking beneath the surface. We have a renewed sense of urgency to ensure every child feels safe in their school and their community.”

“Over the last eight years, Republican lawmakers have refused to step up and responsibly address this epidemic. Young people across our state and country have mobilized themselves to protect their lives and demand common-sense gun safety measures. In Wisconsin, we will continue to work collaboratively and help build a grassroots movement to pass policies that we know will help keep communities and children safe. Enough is enough.”


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