Members on the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules Urge Co-Chairs to Hold a Public Hearing Before Executive Session on Aug. 3rd

MADISON: Democratic Members on the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules are calling for joint chairs, Sen. Nass and Rep. Neylon, to hold a public hearing before voting on a resolution to prohibit UW Systems from implementing public health measures:

“This is another example of the GOP s abuse of the administrative review process and their retreat from open government. Legislators should deliberate and the public should be heard in important matters. Legislation that has the potential to harm our entire state needs public input.

“UW has the authority and duty to protect its students, faculty, staff, and the broader community. UW also has a right to weigh in on efforts to limit that authority.

“This action is a clear overreach. It s a cynical attempt to insert politics into public health because Senator Nass, Representative Neylon, and legislative Republicans can t seem to work with anyone, even former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson. The more this virus spreads, the more danger our citizens are in especially children, the immunocompromised, and others who cannot be vaccinated as more dangerous variants develop.

“We have a responsibility to continue to promote public health. Get vaccinated, wear your mask indoors, socially distance whenever possible. We owe this to the communities we serve.