Legislation Creating Grants to Support Foster Families Passes State Senate

February 21, 2018

MADISON – Yesterday, the State Senate unanimously passed Assembly Bill 787, authored by Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison), which would establish a foster family support fund administered as a grant program with counties, nonprofits and other organizations to support foster families.  Representative Subeck served as a member of the Speaker’s Task Force on Foster Care. AB 787 is part of the task force’s Foster Forward package of bills to improve Wisconsin’s foster care system.

“Wisconsin foster families give so much of themselves to provide for the children in their care, but even the most committed families can face challenges providing specialized care or finding the resources to pay for experiences like field trips and extra-curricular activities,” said Rep. Subeck.

AB 787 would create a grant program for counties, non-profits, and tribes to fund initiatives that support foster families as they strive to provide normalcy for Wisconsin’s foster care population. These grants could be used to assist efforts in retaining existing foster parents, expanding education for foster parents, and reimbursements for expenses related to providing normalcy for foster children like field trip costs, a band uniform, or to cover fees and equipment to play football

“These grants will help attract and retain foster families whether it is by assisting with extra training or giving families the ability to offer foster children more opportunities,” said Rep. Subeck. “This is a critical first step in improving the lives of foster children and families and addressing Wisconsin’s need for foster families.”