Democratic Elections Committee Members Reject Private Meetings with Mike Gableman, Call on Speaker Vos to End Sham Investigation


MADISON - Today, Democratic members of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections released the following statement on attempts by Mike Gableman to meet privately with Committee members:

“Last week, Mike Gableman appeared before the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections and attempted to bluster and grandstand through an entire public meeting about his investigation rather than give Committee members and the public the information they deserve. His office is funded with public tax dollars, but he has routinely refused to be up front and honest with the public about how he is spending those taxpayer funds.

“During his hour and a half with the Committee, Gableman repeatedly rejected the idea of providing basic information like the names of the people who work for him and what their credentials are. Gableman flatly refused to commit to conducting his investigation in public hearings in front of the Committee on Campaigns and Elections. Gableman’s interim report provided no new information, instead simply rehashing cherry-picked information from other entities and providing Gableman’s own biased commentary.

“After refusing to answer questions or provide information in public, Mike Gableman is seeking private meetings with Democratic members of the Committee on Campaigns and Elections. We will not be a part of Mike Gableman’s attempts to hide from public scrutiny. Mike Gableman had a chance to answer questions in public, but he chose not to. We see no reason to meet with him in private. Speaker Vos should put an end to this sham review today.”

State Representative Mark Spreitzer (D - Beloit)

State Representative Lisa Subeck (D - Madison)

State Representative Jodi Emerson (D - Eau Claire)