Committee to Hold Hearing on Republican, Big Government Power Grab

Democrats Offer Local Wage Act to Put Power Back in the Hands of Local Communities

February 7, 2018

MADISON – Today, the Assembly Committee on Local Government will hold a public hearing on AB 748, which takes away the ability of local communities to enact ordinances regarding employment discrimination, workforce protections, and other measures that ensure fairness in the workplace.

“The state has an important role in protecting our workforce and enforcing workplace standards, but we should set the floor, not the ceiling on things like employee protections and living wages,” said Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison), ranking Democratic member on the committee. “Our City Councils and our Town and Village Boards know the needs and values of their own communities and are in the best position to make these decisions.”

Governor Walker and Republicans have enacted over 160 measures that are unfunded mandates on local cities, villages, towns, or counties or that prevent local governments from acting on behalf of their communities. Democrats are offering a different approach. Yesterday, Representative Subeck, Senator Dave Hansen, and Senator LaTonya Johnson introduced the Local Wage Act, which would restore the ability of local communities to establish a local minimum wage and family and medical leave standards.

“Republicans are again meddling in local affairs by tying the hands of local elected officials who are in the best position to make decisions on behalf of their communities and their constituents,” said Rep. Subeck. “Democrats are committed to returning the power to local communities to set standards based on their own unique needs and values. And that is why, yesterday, we introduced the Local Wage Act and why we will continue to stand up to Republican power grabs that put our communities in jeopardy.”