Assembly Republicans Shut Down Shared Revenue Negotiations

MADISON – Today, Assembly Republicans shut down negotiations on a shared revenue plan that would bring much-needed revenue to local communities to fund essential public services. Representative Subeck released the following statement regarding today’s action.  

“After a decade of Republican inaction on shared revenue, local communities across the state are struggling just to make ends meet. After years of having to do more with less, our cities, suburbs, and rural towns have all been faced with impossible decisions about which essential basic services to cut.

After an hours long closed door Republican caucus, Speaker Robin Vos announced at a press conference that he was done negotiating and would bring to a vote a half baked plan rife with politically motivated policy measures that have nothing to do with ensuring our local communities have the resources they need. Democrats offered an alternate plan that would have helped our communities pay for things like police and fire services without politically motivated strings attached. Republicans refused to even discuss it.

Speaker Vos made it clear today that he and his caucus are done working together with us to do what is right, offering only an up or down vote on an eleventh hour amendment developed behind closed doors. With that, he and his Republican caucus walked out on weeks of good faith negotiations on the part of Governor Evers and Assembly Democrats, turning their backs on our local cities, towns, and villages.”