12 Years Later, the Destructive Effects of Citizens United are Unmistakable

MADISONToday, state legislators and authors of Senate Joint Resolution 61, which asks Wisconsinites if Congress should overturn Citizens United v. F.E.C., reacted to the 12th anniversary of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

“Wisconsinites are fed up with the corrupting influence of unlimited special interest spending that was unleashed with the 2010 Citizens United ruling,” said Rep. Lisa Subeck (D-Madison). “This massive influx of money by corporations and SuperPACs has corrupted our electoral process and dictates policy decisions at the state and national levels. Over the past twelve years, the voice of the average citizen has been silenced by big-money special interests. It is time for us to let the people’s voice be heard.”

“Americans want to engage in the political process and have their voices heard, but the Citizens United ruling delivered twelve years ago today makes it nearly impossible to do so,” continued Sen. Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick). “The U.S. Supreme Court decision fundamentally changed the country’s political landscape, giving more sway to a small group of wealthy donors instead of American voters. On the 12th anniversary of this ruling, I’m calling on the legislature to pass Senate Joint Resolution 61 to give power back to the people and allow them to reclaim their voice in the political process.”

Sen. Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) concluded, “If Citizens United provided the cannon, Wisconsin’s loose campaign finance laws are the ammunition, as out of control spending and lax transparency requirements blow holes in our state’s proud history of clean, open government. Today I join with my colleagues in launching a petition which gives the public an opportunity to pressure GOP leadership to hold hearings on our Campaign Integrity Package.”