Statement on Assembly Passage of Republican Budget

September 13, 2017

MADISON – Representative Lisa Subeck (D- Madison) released the following statement in response to the passage of the 2017-2019 budget bill by the State Assembly.

“The budget passed tonight by Assembly Republicans is rigged against working families, putting the interests of a wealthy few over the needs ordinary Wisconsinites. This budget is rigged against working people, small business owners, seniors and individuals with disabilities, and against our schoolchildren and our most vulnerable neighbors. Republicans are rigging the system against the people we are elected to represent – ordinary working families struggling now more than ever to make ends meet.

My Democratic colleagues and I want a budget that provides opportunities for hardworking Wisconsinites to get family-supporting jobs. Instead of massive tax breaks for millionaires, let’s put that money back in the pockets of workers and families. We need a budget that invests in our neighborhood schools, gets road projects back on track, and protects our clean air and clean water.

Wisconsin needs a budget that puts ordinary Wisconsin families first.”