Representative Subeck in the News

June 20, 2024     Representative Lisa Subeck named Conservation Champion by Wisconsin Conservation Voters
June 14, 2024     Tamarack Trails celebrates its 50th anniversary
May 18, 2024     State leaders, families rally for increased childcare funding
May 6, 2024     State to fund Holocaust education
April 24, 2024     Contraception protections are 'urgent,' say congresswoman and state lawmaker
April 17, 2024     Politifact - It's true: The U.S. is a global outlier for its lack of paid maternity, parental leave
March 22, 2024     WI Republicans block 'Right to Contraception Act'
March 8, 2024     Democrats make another push to codify a right to birth control
March 7, 2024     'This is not just a political issue; it's a personal one': Why a Wisconsin mom is raising concerns about contraception on behalf of her disabled daughter
March 7, 2024     Birth control access should be the law in Wisconsin, Democrats argue
March 7, 2024     Over 15,000 Wisconsinites sign petition calling for action on bill protecting contraception access, lawmakers say
March 7, 2024     Democrats present petition for contraceptive access to Wisconsin State Legislature
February 14, 2024     New bill would ban shackling incarcerated women during childbirth
February 7, 2024     Raise the Wage legislation proposes to set minimum wage at $15
February 5, 2024     Holocaust education seeks state assistance
February 2, 2024     A bill to give some nurses greater autonomy appears destined for a veto. What happened?
January 31, 2024     Why Wisconsin prisons can still shackle mothers in childbirth
January 30, 2024     Gov. Tony Evers is a 'radical' on abortion? Please.
January 26, 2024     Assembly approves advanced practice registered nurse bill
January 26, 2024     GOP lawmaker Thinks He's an Abortion Expert Because He's a Veterinarian
January 26, 2024     Republican lawmaker claims he's 'qualified' to ban abortion - because he's a vet
January 25, 2024     Assembly Republicans approve 14-week abortion ban referendum
January 25, 2024     Abortion bill stirs Assembly debate: 'personal decision' vs. 'murder'
January 25, 2024     Assembly passes referendum on 14-week abortion ban that faces certain Evers veto
January 25, 2024     Wisconsin Republicans approve bill banning abortions after 14 weeks of pregnancy
January 25, 2024     GOP bill creating new advanced nursing licenses heads to governor's desk
January 25, 2024     Assembly Passes Abortion Restrictions Bill
January 23, 2024     GOP's 14-week abortion ban plan draws criticisms on 51st Roe v. Wade anniversary
January 23, 2024     Republican bill would ban abortion after 14 weeks in Wisconsin
January 23, 2024     Harris visit, Assembly hearing, highlight huge differences in Wisconsin's views on abortion rights
January 23, 2024     Bill would allow 17-year-olds to provide emergency medical services
January 19, 2024     Assembly passes parental rights, firearm tracking band and universal credentialing bills
January 12, 2024     Legislation Introduced in Wisconsin Would Increase Access to Treatment for Metastatic Cancer Patients
December 30, 2023     Wisconsin can take steps to alleviate poverty
December 22, 2023     How did Evers, Vos other politicians and organization respond to the Wisconsin Supreme Court redistricting decision?
December 22, 2023     Reactions pour in after Wisconsin Supreme Court throws out legislative maps
November 30, 2023     Milwaukee Approves Resolution Seeking to Restrict Gun Access for People Convicted of Domestic Violence
November 30, 2023     Milwaukee homicides down a bit, but those connected to domestic violence remain sizeable
November 29, 2023     Domestic violence gun restriction, Milwaukee mayor signs resolution
November 14, 2023     Wisconsin attorney general announces gun control legislation targeting domestic violence offenders
November 13, 2023     New bill would keep guns away from domestic abusers
November 13, 2023     Tighter gun limits sought for Wisconsin domestic abusers
November 13, 2023     Attorney General Kaul Announces Legislation to Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Domestic Abusers
November 13, 2023     Domestic violence offenders would be barred from carrying guns under Democratic proposal
November 13, 2023     AG Kaul announces legislation to prevent domestic abusers from owning firearms
November 13, 2023     Bill Proposes Limitations on Gun Ownership
November 10, 2023     Assembly advances elections-related constitutional amendment proposals and bills
November 8, 2023     Wisconsin Assembly passes higher education bills
October 12, 2023     Wisconsin Assembly approves sports restrictions, gender-affirming surgery ban
October 4, 2023     Anti-transgender rights bills draw heat at Wisconsin Capitol
September 26, 2023     Wisconsin legislators introduce bill to address workforce, poverty in the state
September 26, 2023     Rep. Subeck, Sen. Smith reintroduce bill to address workforce, poverty in Wisconsin
August 15, 2023     Republican divisions slow progress on bipartisan reproductive care changes
August 8, 2023     Democratic lawmakers introduce bills to expand vaccine access
August 2, 2023     Wisconsin Supreme Court gains liberal majority as Justice Janet Protasiewicz is sworn in
July 18, 2023     Rep. Lisa Subeck and Sen. Dianne Hesselbein: Wisconsin must codify the right to contraception before it is too late
July 18, 2023     I won't stand by as extremists try to legislate their way into the doctor's office
June 30, 2023     Republicans reject amendments to repeal Wisconsin's 1849 abortion ban
June 28, 2023     Wisconsin needs to guarentee access to birth control
June 22, 2023     Upcoming Dobbs Decision Anniversary Prompts Action From Lawmakers
June 22, 2023     Democratic Lawmakers Introduce Right to Contraception Action
June 21, 2023   
Medical residency programs in Wisconsin see a marked decline in applications post-Roe
June 13, 2023     Democrats Push Gun Safety Bills
June 12, 2023     Gun Safety Bills from Democrats are Unlikely to Advance
June 12, 2023     Wisconsin lawmakers introduce new gun violence prevention bills
June 8, 2023     Reckless homicide for overdose bill moves closer to passage
June 7, 2023     Assembly lawmakers look at allowing pharmacists to prescribe birth control
June 6, 2023     Bipartisan bills seek to combat voter fraud, address voting concerns in battleground state
June 6, 2023     Engineering Criticism: Lawmakers Speak Out After Budget Cuts
May 21, 2023     For the Record: State Senate, Assembly Republicans divided on shared revenue plan
May 20, 2023     Madison CUNA Mutual Group union representing 450 workers goes on strike
May 8, 2023     Childcare Providers Close Doors To Bring Awareness To Childcare Crisis
May 8, 2023     Lawmakers, local leaders call for more child care funding
May 8, 2023     Community members, lawmakers rally for permanent child care funding
May 8, 2023     People rally for a permanent Child Care Counts program in Wisconsin    
April 30, 2023     Chabad of Madison breaks ground on new hub for Jewish community
April 28, 2023     Getting financial lessons into schools
April 26, 2023     Unemployment insurance, BadgerCare would be harder to access under GOP-led legislation
April 25, 2023     Resolution Honoring Jewish American Heritage Month Passes Assembly
April 25, 2023     Contract dispute, strike vote challenge community image of Madison-based CUNA Mutual
April 25, 2023     CUNA Mutual Group union overwhelmingly authorizes unfair practice labor strike
April 14, 2023     Researchers find flaws in Medicaid restrictions bill and the ideas behind it
April 14, 2023   Democratic Lawmakers Blast Abortion Pill Ruling in Scathing Letter 
April 5, 2023     The Truth About the Adoption Option
March 28, 2023     "Day of Empathy" at the Capitol To Advocate For Justice For Incarcerated Women
March 26, 2023     Capital City Sunday: Lisa Subeck
March 23, 2023     Legislation introduced to Repeal Abortion Law
March 22, 2023     Resolution honoring Women's History Month passes Wisconsin Assembly
March 22, 2023     Evers, Democrats call for repealing Wisconsin's 1849 Abortion Ban
March 21, 2023     Tony Evers, Democrats announce bill to restore abortion access that existed under Roe v. Wade
March 21, 2023     Wisconsin Democrats roll out bill to restore pre-Roe abortion laws
March 21, 2023     Gov. Evers, Democrats announce legislation to repeal Wisconsin's abortion ban
March 15, 2023     Wisconsin Democrats slam Republican proposed abortion exceptions bill
March 10, 2023     Bill Would Ban Shackling of Pregnant Inmates, Create Doula Program
February 7, 2023     GOP bill requires felons to pay off all fines before voting rights are restored
February 7, 2023     Felons must pay off all fines, court fees before their right to vote is restored, under GOP bill
February 7, 2023     Lawmakers push to have co-pay assistance benefits count towards deductibles
February 7, 2023     Lawmakers introduce All Copays Count legislation
February 7, 2023     Senator Andre Jacque Authors All Copays Count Bill
January 24, 2023     Democrats reintroduce abortion referendum, but not in time for April ballot
January 24, 2023     Wisconsin Democrats once again call for referendum on abortion
January 23, 2023     As nation marks Roe v. Wade anniversary, Wisconsin Democrats once again call for referendum on abortion
January 23, 2023     Democrats reintroduce abortion referendum, reject adding exception and clarity to 1849 ban
December 29, 2022     Wisconsin lawmakers renew push for $15 minimum wage; 25 states set to raise minimum wage in 2023
October 6, 2022     City of Madison encourages voter empowerment with artwork on banned ballot boxes
July 25, 2022     Will Wisconsin's Republicans Make Voting Meaningless, or Just Difficult?
July 20, 2022    GOP votes to suspend Wisconsin Election Commission's absentee guidance
July 7, 2022   
Wisconsin’s ‘honor’ system for removing guns failed Jesi Ewers
June 14, 2022     We'll say it again - Abortion is healthcare
June 14, 2022     WisEye Morning Minute: Roe v. Wade in Wisconsin - A Discussion with Pro-Choice Advocates
June 8, 2022     Evers calls special session to repeal Wisconsin's abortion ban
June 8, 2022     Evers calls special session to repeal abortion ban
June 1, 2022   
The Wisconsin election review has cost nearly $900,000 so far, going beyond its original budget
May 20, 2022     Supreme Court justice criticizes 'nonsensical' law that allowing abusers to get gun permits
May 4, 2022   
‘A moment of inflection’ - Now that overturning Roe appears imminent, will activists gear up?
May 3, 2022     Wisconsin law would ban abortions if Roe v. Wade is overturned
March 17, 2022     Robin Vos claims widespread voter fraud, but can't decertify, after meeting with election officials
February 25, 2022     Wisconsin GOP pass bills affecting elections, indefinitely confined voters
February 24, 2022     Fight over voting, counting absentee ballots dominate Assembly session
February 24, 2022     Assembly Democrats: Republicans ignored legal pot, expanded Medicaid, criminal justice reform
February 24, 2022     Rep. Subeck: Releases statement on missed opportunities by legislative Republicans
February 23, 2022     Legislature approves education bills, putting election-year talking points into focus
February 23, 2022     The Assembly has approved a constitutional amendment giving Republican-controlled Legislature power over federal funds
February 22, 2022     GOP approves education bills: Mask opt-outs allowed, vouchers expanded, race lessons in college regulated
February 22, 2022     Wisconsin GOP votes to limit race theory at UW schools
February 22, 2022     Rep. Subeck: Statement on 18th Annual State of the Tribes Address
February 18, 2022   
GOP, Democrats split on emergency powers, unemployment, benefit programs
February 17, 2022     OP-ED: To Address Gun Violence in Wisconsin, We Need State-Level Solutions to Hold the Gun Industry Accountable
February 11, 2022     Bill Seeks More Deputy District Attorneys
February 10, 2022     GOP-led committee shifts focus to state's elections database in its review of the 2020 election
February 10, 2022     Wisconsin Elections Committee Hears Baseless Voting Claims from a Convicted Felon
February 9, 2022     Republican-led committee hears testimony from felon in Wisconsin election review
February 9, 2022     State lawmakers hold medical marijuana round table
February 9, 2022     Rep. Subeck: Supports new investment in PFAS Testing
January 24, 2022     Wisconsin Republicans pass bill allowing some high school students to bring a gun to campus
January 24, 2022     Without Roe standing, abortion is a felony in Wisconsin
January 22, 2022     Future of Wisconsin abortion laws uncertain on Roe v. Wade anniversary
January 20, 2022     Democrats Want End to Unpopular Election Review
January 19, 2022     Democrats push resolution to end Vos/Gableman 'sham' election review
January 6, 2022    Madison health systems postpone non-emergent surgeries amid peak capacity
January 5, 2022     Wisconsin health care 'under tremendous strain': Subeck encourages residents to do their part to prevent COVID-19
December 15, 2021     The Future of Abortion if Roe is Overturned
December 8, 2021     Editorial | Tony Evers's vetoes protect Wisconsinites from the Republican War on abortion rights
December 3, 2021     Editorial: Penalties should be stiffer for impaired driving on recreational vehicles
December 2, 2021     What happens in Wisconsin if Roe vs. Wade is overturned?
December 2, 2021     Democrats introduce legislation to fix Rittenhouse gun loophole
November 22, 2021     825-thousand Wisconsin households live in poverty, study shows
November 19, 2021     Report: despite improvements poverty is worsening for some in Wisconsin
November 18, 2021     Wisconsin Democrats highlight poverty, homelessness in state
November 17, 2021   Rebecca Kleefisch contends Madison is using a vaccine mandate to keep Republicans from serving as poll workers
November 15, 2021     Democrats on Assembly elections committee refuse to meet with Gableman
November 5, 2021     'A flaw in our current law' | Rider your ATV to the local bar to avoid another OWI? Wis state law says that's OK
October 31, 2021     In Focus: Rep. Subeck explains domestic violence firearm proposal
October 27, 2021     GOP lawmakers send abortion restrictions to Evers for expected veto
October 27, 2021     Abortion bills: Wisconsin lawmakers send to Evers
October 27, 2021     Several anti-abortion bills are headed to Gov. Evers' desk, but chances are he won't sign them into law
October 27, 2021     Wisconsin lawmakers send anti-abortion bills to governor
October 27, 2021     GOP-controlled Legislature sends abortion bills to Gov. Tony Evers who will likely veto them
October 11, 2021   
'Shut this fake investigation down': Attorney general slams GOP election review, calls subpoenas unlawful
October 8, 2021     Gableman hires Trump White House attorney for 2020 review who claims without evidence that election was stolen
October 7, 2021     Legislature hears testimony on controversial Republican abortion-related legislation
October 7, 2021     Wisconsin Republicans continue to push state abortion law changes, despite previous vetoes
October 7, 2021     Assembly Takes Up Abortion Bills
October 7, 2021     Republicans, health care workers debate abortion bills
October 7, 2021     Insurance group reverses course, will now cover same-sex couple's baby's delivery
September 29, 2021     Republicans pass resolution to retain core of Wisconsin's existing political maps
September 22, 2021     How could a Supreme Court ruling on abortion laws affect Wisconsin?
September 13, 2021     Abortion emerges as key issue in Wisconsin's 2022 gubernatorial race
September 10, 2021     Fight to End Wisconsin's Abortion Ban Intensifies After Restrictive Texas Law Goes Into Effect    
September 9, 2021     Opinion | Wisconsin needs immediate action to protect abortion rights
August 30, 2021     Dem proposal looks to dramatically decrease price of prescriptions, reduce disparities
August 30, 2021     Lawmakers representing Dane Co. urge MMSD to implement COVID-19 vaccine requirement
August 25, 2021     State lawmakers' renewed push for breastfeeding protections at work
August 5, 2021     The uphill battle to reform campaign finance laws
August 5, 2021     360: The state legislature now has control over the UW System's COVID rules, but should they?
August 5, 2021     Wisconsin Democrats Introduce Bills to Get Big Money Out of Politics
August 4, 2021     Evers revives plan to lower prescription drug costs
August 4, 2021     Evers, Democrats introduce package to reduce prescription drug costs
August 4, 2021     Gov. Evers introduces the "Less for RX" prescription drug plan
August 4, 2021     Gov. Tony Evers introduces new bills to reduce cost of prescription drugs for Wisconsinites
August 4, 2021     Evers, Subeck Announce Prescription Drug Plan in Wausau
August 4, 2021     Gov. Evers, legislators stop in Wausau to Introduce "Less for RX" prescription drug plan
August 4, 2021     Evers and Subeck pitch bipartisan plan on drug costs
August 4, 2021     Gov. Evers introduces revised lower prescription drug plan
August 3, 2021     Democrats introduce bills that would overhaul Wisconsin's campaign finance system
August 3, 2021    
Republican-led committee votes to block UW campuses' COVID-19 requirements; UW-Madison immediately issues mask mandate
August 3, 2021     Wisconsin Democrats Renew Push To Tighten State Campaign Finance Laws
August 3, 2021     Republicans vote to block UW System COVID-19 fall protocols
July 29, 2021   
Republican tries to block UW campuses from mandatory virus testing, vaccination rules
July 29, 2021     Madison couple faces added hurdle in infertility family planning: insurance coverage
July 17, 2021     Laura Kasten: Burned-out nurses need union voice for quality care at UW Health
July 7, 2021     OWI on ATVs, boats, and snowmobiles are now considered separate offenses, but a new bill could change that
June 30, 2021     What Democrats want versus what Republicans got in the budget
June 29, 2021     Assembly to Vote on 2-Year State Budget that Spends Billions Less than Governor's Proposal
June 29, 2021     State Assembly GOP presents budget, Dems propose amendments
June 23, 2021     Wisconsin Assembly sends bills tightening absentee voting rules to Gov. Evers
June 23, 2021     Wisconsin State Assembly OK's penalizing cities that cut police funding. It puts Madison, Milwaukee in the crosshairs.
June 22, 2021     Expanded Child Tax Credit And $15 Dollar Minimum Wage: How Policy Impacts Poverty
June 22, 2021   
Bill would provide grants for 'forever chemical' contaminations but take away the ability to sue polluters
June 22, 2021     Wisconsin Republicans send elections bills to governor
June 22, 2021     Wisconsin Assembly approves penalty for defunding police
June 17, 2021     Democrats re-introduce bills to raise Wisconsin's minimum wage
June 15, 2021    'Both harmful and dangerous': The 3 times Wisconsin legislators equated COVID and gun rules to the Holocaust
June 9, 2021     Wisconsin lawmaker compares children's museum's mask policy to Nazis
May 31, 2021     Prescription drug cost proposals could soon reappear in Wisconsin
May 31, 2021     Evers signs bill advancing state public notice laws
May 26, 2021     Editorial: UW Health nurses should be able to collectively bargain for themselves and their patients
May 21, 2021     Legislation would restore collective bargaining rights at UW Health
May 20, 2021     UW Health workers push for union voice
May 20, 2021     Democrats introduce bill to restore collective bargaining rights for UW nurses
May 20, 2021     Lawmakers join UW nurses in call to allow union
May 20, 2021     Democrats Propose Bill Giving UW Nurses Say in Workplace Conditions
May 20, 2021     Sen. Agard, Rep. Subeck: Introduce Legislation to Restore Collective Bargaining at UW Health
May 18, 2021     With Supreme Court taking up Mississippi case, Wisconsin's abortion ban could be reinstated
May 17, 2021     Making abortion a felony in Wisconsin - The US Supreme Court could use a Mississippi case it has agreed to hear to overturn Roe
vs. Wade
May 11, 2021   
Wisconsin Assembly votes to require national anthem at sporting events in publicly funded venues
May 11, 2021     National anthem would be required under Wisconsin bill
May 1, 2021     Bill requires Holocaust education
April 22, 2021    
Bill requiring Holocaust education moves forward as UW Jewish community says antisemitism ‘more prevalent than ever’
April 18, 2021     John Nichols: Holocaust education is essential
April 5, 2021     History in its entirety: How whitewashed history education leaves much of history, students out
April 2, 2021    
Republican lawmakers want to ban vaccine certificates, prevent businesses from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccine
March 24, 2021     Wisconsin Republicans Vote To Take Control Over Federal Virus Money Is Spent
March 17, 2021     Holocaust education bill passes state Senate
March 16, 2021     Meriter Nurses File Notice of Strike
March 9, 2021     Wisconsin Dems Go Big on a New Equal Rights Amendment
March 9, 2021     Lawmakers Renew Bipartisan Effort to Require Holocaust Education in Schools
March 9, 2021     Couples in Wisconsin could remarry sooner; bill seeks to eliminate 6-month waiting period
March 8, 2021     Wisconsin Democrats introduce ERA to Wisconsin Constitution
March 8, 2021     Republicans and Democrats agree on this: Teaching the Holocaust
March 4, 2021     Bill would publicize which clinic performed each abortion
March 1, 2021     Evers signs bill to begin modernizing unemployment system
February 26, 2021     Will budget season in the state Capitol be super spreader event?
February 24, 2021     Wisconsin Republicans add more bills to restrict absentee voting practices
February 11, 2021     Democrats seek to take up COVID-19 relief items as separate bills
February 4, 2021     Evers implements new mask mandate immediately after Republicans repealed it
February 4, 2021     Evers' Emergency Mask Orders Get Knocked Down, Get Up Again
January 28, 2021     Under pressure, State Assembly Delays Vote to End Mask Mandate
January 27, 2021    Abortion Rights Preservation Act Introduced to Protect Reproductive Freedoms
January 21, 2021     Vaccine bills get public hearing; DHS says they duplicate work underway
December 19, 2020     GOP lawmakers wipe out parts of PFAS emergency rule 
December 11, 2020     Legislative public hearing on election is a Trump rally minus the flags
December 11, 2020     Election committee hears claims of voter fraud, without evidence, others seek election reforms
November 11, 2020     Wisconsin Legislative Republicans, Democrats Elect Leaders
November 1, 2020     Rep. Lisa Subeck:
With Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation, Wisconsin must protect access to safe, legal abortion
October 13, 2020   Evers to GOP leaders: Let’s meet — and bring a plan
October 12, 2020   Wisconsin Judge Upholds Statewide Mask Mandate
October 2,2020  Honor Ginsburg with abortion law
August 10, 2020  Could ranked-choice voting cure Wisconsin's polarized politics?
April 6, 2020     Governor suspends election until June, Republicans plan challenge
March 16, 2020   Lawmakers, workers push for paid sick leave legislation amid coronavirus closures
March 16, 2020   Assembly Democrats push paid family medical leave bills during COVID-19 pandemic
March 16, 2020   Assembly Democrats push paid family medical leave legislation amid COVID-19 pandemic
March 5, 2020   Supreme Court abortion rulings loom large in Wisconsin
February 20, 2020   GOP's $250 million income tax cut appears to be headed to an Evers veto
February 20, 2020   Tax Cut Passes State Assembly on Final Busy Day
February 19, 2020   Wisconsin Assembly Passes Holocaust Education Bill
February 12, 2020   GOP "Poison Pills" Stymy Rape Kit Legislation
February 11, 2020   Assembly passes rape kit bill, crime proposals
February 5, 2020 
DOJ, law enforcement, victims, victim advocates admonish rape kit testing bill that talks school choice, immigration
February 5, 2020   Hearing held on Republican sexual assault bill
February 5, 2020   Partisan fighting could hold up sexual assault kit legislation
February 5, 2020   Sexual assault victims and their advocates blast GOP lawmakers over rape kit legislation
January 29, 2020   Nation's first private school voucher program has grown, but remains divisive
January 26, 2020   "Unhappy Birthday" event for Citizens United 10 year anniversary
January 22, 2020   Lawmakers react to Governor Evers's State of the State address
January 22, 2020   Assembly signs off on latest round of HOPE bills
January 22, 2020   Proposed bill would make it mandatory to teach Holocaust in Wisconsin schools
January 22, 2020   Holocaust and genocide education would be required in Wisconsin schools under proposed bill
January 22, 2020   Citizens United the big picture
January 21, 2020   Dem Legislators Denounce Citizens United
January 21, 2020   WisEye Morning Minute: Addressing Food Allergies at Retail Food Establishments
January 20, 2020   Representative Subeck & Senator Jacqué
  team up to help those with disabilities save for the future
January 20, 2020   Bill aims to help those with disabilities save for the future
January 16, 2020   Wausau teen inspires state allergy bills
January 16, 2020   Assembly signs off on slate of bills
aiming to speed up adoption process in Wisconsin
January 15, 2020   Assembly passes adoption package
December 11, 2019 If you harass a ref, you could get hit with jail time or up to $10,000 in fines under this proposed Wisconsin bill
December 11, 2019 'We need more officials': Refs, coaches support bipartisan bill that penalizes harassing officials
December 11, 2019  Bill would make it a crime to harass a sports official in Wisconsin
December 10, 2019  WIAA supports legislation making official harassment a misdemeanor
December 4, 2019   Set up for success: Urban League
job center's partnership courses work to fill jobs, close skills gap
November 19, 2019 Fugitive Gun Rule Prompts Calls for Tighter State Laws pdf

November 19, 2019 Seeking an Rx for skyrocketing drug prices
November 12, 2019 Assembly votes to recognize National Bible Week, passes bills on hemp, three-wheeled vehicles
November 12, 2019 Wisconsin Lawmakers Are Divided Once Again - This Time Over A Tree
November 11, 2019 Annie Laurie Gaylor: Let's overturn the Wisconsin Law Criminalizing Abortion
October 31, 2019   Here's What Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Can Do on Abortion
October 29, 2019  Wisconsin Tribes, disability rights groups raise group "significant" concerns about adoption bills 
October 28, 2019   Bill introduced to ban misdemeanor domestic abuse convicts from owning guns
October 23, 2019   Advocates looking to State Senate to pass legislation aimed at combating homelessness
October 22, 2019  Bill to add e-cigarettes to indoor smoking ban in Wisconsin legislature
October 14, 2019   ‘It’s just morally wrong': Gains in fighting homelessness bring hope, but progress not assured
October 13, 2019   GOP and Dems agree: Affordable housing in state must be addressed
October 12, 2019   State at crossroads on homelessness
October 10, 2019   Dane Co. Sheriff named 78th Assembly District First Responder of the Year
September 9, 2019 Pregnancy resource centers “designed to mislead women”
August 7, 2019       State Leaders Divided Over Gun Laws
August 6, 2019       In Wake of Mass Shootings, State Leaders Divided over Gun Laws
July 31, 2019          Democratic State Lawmakers Propose Gun Storage Requirements
July 30, 2019          About those good guys with a gun
July 24, 2019          Wisconsin's 1849 Abortion Ban Could Come Back in Force
July 22, 2019          Putting out a Garbage Fyre: How reproductive rights advocates countered a week long anti-choice conference

June 25, 2019         Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly passes budget, all Democrats voted no; now moves on to Senate vote
June 25, 2019         Evers Signs Two Bills into Law Monday
June 5, 2019           Proposal Would Invalidate Wisconsin's Abortion Law
June 4, 2019           Wisconsin Democrats Push for Repeal of Criminal Abortion Law
June 4, 2019           State Lawmakers, Activists Introduce New Abortion Protections
June 4, 2019           Wisconsin Senate to Take up Abortion Bills Wednesday Despite Evers' Veto Threat
May 7, 2019            Assembly to vote on abortion bill next week that Gov. Tony Evers has pledged to veto
May 7, 2019             Republicans look for support for four abortion bills

May 7, 2019             Five anti-abortion bills get public hearing, Governor Evers not on board
February 27, 2019   Challenges to restricting gun-building in wake of Middleton workplace shooting
February 26, 2019   Funding Hate: GOP License Plate Programs Pour Funds Into Fringe Groups

February 21, 2019   Wisconsin GOP propose $3.7 million to combat homelessness
February 7, 2019    EASY TARGETS - Tracking Stolen Firearms Through the Black Market from Gun-Store Thefts to Crime Scenes
February 6, 2019    Assembly Republicans slam bills loosening abortion restrictions
February 6, 2019    Wisconsin Republicans ask Democrats not to introduce bills allowing late-term abortions
January 29, 2019    Excluding Jewish holidays from legislative calendar disrespects Wisconsin’s Jewish community
January 29, 2019   Has Addressing Homelessness Become a Bi-Partisan Issue Post-Walker?
January 25, 2019    Plain Talk: Let Wisconsin weigh in on Citizens United
January 18, 2019    Tony Evers nears his first showdown with GOP lawmakers on pre-existing condition protections
January 18, 2019    Bill Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions Moves Forward In Legislature
January 17, 2019    New hope for reversing Citizens United
December 4, 2018   Feds mum on bump stock ban memo obtained by KSTP
December 4, 2018   Protesters Rally Against Lame Duck Bills
December 4, 2018   Despite Protests, Republicans Approve Proposals to Limit New Gov’s Power
December 3, 2018    Back at it: As Walker era draws to a close, yet another round of Capitol protests
December 2, 2018    Wisconsin GOP Hopes to Pull Rug Out From Under New Governor, Rig Key Supreme Court Election in  Lame Duck Session
October 1, 2018        In Wisconsin, Domestic Violence Lead To 62 Deaths In 2017
August 29, 2018       The  Capital Times: "Big change"  on way for southwest Madison as employment center breaks ground 
July 23, 2018            Wisconsin State Journal: Rep. Lisa Subeck and Sen. Fred Risser : State abortion ban endangers   women's health
July 8. 2018              Wisconsin State Journal: Mitch Henck: Legal abortions could be on the line in Wisconsin
June 18, 2018          The Capital Times: Report highlights growing poverty under GOP leadership 
June 18, 2018          The Daily Cardinal: Gerrymandering here to stay, for now, after SCOTUS decision
May 14, 2018           The Capital Times: Rep. Lisa Subeck, Rep. Jonathan Brostoff and Sen. LaTonya Johnson: Dems have plan to address long-term care crisis
May 6, 2018             UpFront with Mike Gousha: Food stamp changes will hurt families
May 4, 2018             The Lakeland Times: Democrats: GOP bill would let thousands of children go hungry
May 3, 2018              Milwaukee Independent: A Generation of Wisconsin Children Could Go Hungry Under GOP Farm Bill
May 1, 2018              WKOW 27 ABC: Green Alert helps locate missing veterans
May 1, 2018              Associated Press: Wisconsin Democrats blast federal food stamps work proposal
May 1, 2018              The Capital Times: LFB analysis: Proposed federal changes could kick 23,000 Wisconsin children off of food stamps
May 1, 2018              Wisconsin State Journal: Democrats: 23K children at risk of losing school lunch subsidy under House Farm Bill
April 10, 2018           The Daily Cardinal: ‘Dignity of work’ welfare reforms signed into law
April 4, 2018             The Daily Cardinal: Walker signs “Foster Forward” legislation as addiction crisis strains the system
March 20, 2018        The Lakeland Times: Walker calls special session on school safety
March 18, 2018        Wisconsin State Journal: State homeless advocates urge focus on prevention, housing, employment
March 15, 2018        Associated Press: Assembly's Vos to lead delegation to trade summit
March 14, 2018         Barron News-Shield: Bill would save municipalities money
March 8, 2018           Isthmus:  State eyes deregulating taxis - A bill would allow cabs to operate more like Uber and eliminate local oversight
February 27, 2018     Badger Herald: Wisconsin Democrats introduce ‘Local Wage Act’ amid GOP efforts to streamline federal paid leave laws
February 26, 2018     The Daily Cardinal: Local leaders call on state and federal government for action on gun reform
February 22, 2018     Fox News: Gov. Scott Walker on overhauling Wisconsin's welfare system
February 22, 2018     WPR: Assembly Approves Restrictions On Local Control Of Labor, Taxi Companies
February 22, 2018     Wisconsin State Journal: State Assembly passes bill to keep laws affecting Milwaukee from affecting Dane County
February 21, 2018     FOX 6 TV: Assembly OKs grants to pay for armed guards in Wisconsin schools, rejects universal background checks
February 21, 2018     Wisconsin Radio Network: Debate over gun control hits the Capitol
February 20, 2018     Badger Herald: Mandatory drug tests, increased work requirements do nothing to help welfare recipients
February 20, 2018     The Capital Times: Rep. Lisa Subeck: Republicans take aim at local communities — again
February 17, 2018     Badger Herald: Following three concurrent gun shop burglaries, state representative renews calls for mandating stricter security
February 15, 2018     The Capital Times: Wisconsin Assembly approves bill rolling back wetlands regulations for builders
February 15, 2018     Associated Press: The Wisconsin Assembly passes Walker's welfare overhaul bills
February 15, 2018 : Assembly approves GOP welfare overhaul package
February 15, 2018     The Capital Times: Wisconsin Assembly approves welfare overhaul bills
February 15, 2018     WPR: Assembly Approves Walker Welfare Package
February 15, 2018     Wisconsin Radio Network: Assembly approves special session welfare bills
February 15, 2018    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Assembly Republicans pass full slate of Gov. Scott Walker's welfare limits
February 14, 2018    WKOW 27 ABC: Gun shop lock up bill gets committee hearing
February 14, 2018    WMTV 15 NBC: Gun shop security bill gets public support
February 8,2018       The Progressive Magazine: The Republican War on Local Control 
February 7, 2018      The Daily Cardinal: Rival bills hope to settle local wage issue
February 6, 2018      WKOW 27 ABC: Democrats pushing "Local Wage Act"
February 6, 2018      Channel 3000: Lawmakers introduce competing bills about family and medical leave law
February 6, 2018      Wisconsin Radio Network: GOP welfare reforms advance
February 6, 2018      Madison 365: Assembly Republicans Push Through Governor Walker’s $90 Million Plan to Put Work Requirements on Welfare
February 4, 2018      UpFront with Mike Gousha: Lawmakers debate changes to state welfare program
February 4, 2018      The Capital Times: Bills would make big changes to the state’s welfare system 
February 2, 2018      Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposed welfare limits could cost more than $90 million a year
February 2, 2018      Associated Press: Walker's welfare overhaul bills cost more than $90 million
February 1, 2018      The Capital Times: 6 state reps: Women left out and left behind by Scott Walker
January 31, 2018     Wisconsin State Journal:  Lawmaker asks for gun shop bill hearing after Wednesday village of Oregon gun store burglary
January 31, 2018     Janesville Gazette: Second gunshop in Janesville area burglarized
January 31, 2018     WKOW 27 ABC: Lawmaker renews call for bill to require increased security at gun shops
January 30, 2018     Wisconsin State Journal: Madison leaders continue effort to convince Walmart to donate closed Sam's Club building
January 29, 2018     The Capital Times: Michael Johnson hoping to persuade Walmart to turn shuttered Madison store into a sports complex
January 29, 2018     Channel 3000: Boys & Girls Club asks Walmart to donate Sam's Club building
January 29, 2018     Madison 365: Boys and Girls Club Sees Shuttered Sam’s Club as a Potential Youth Sports Complex
January 23, 2018     Wisconsin Public Radio: Assembly Passes Massive Landlord-Tenant Bill
January 19, 2018     Wisconsin Gazette: Democrats urge Wisconsin AG to sue pharmaceutical companies over opioid deaths
January 9, 2018       Wisconsin Radio Network: Madison lawmakers want reversal on DMV service center decision
January 9, 2018       Wisconsin State Journal: Madison-area lawmakers: Lack of transit access to new DMV location 'alarming'
December 12, 2017 WKOW 27 ABC: Uber regulations, sexual harassment policy on this week's Capital City Sunday
December 6, 2017  WKOW 27 ABC: Women lawmakers call for action after misconduct claims
December 5, 2017   WMTV 15 NBC: Wisconsin Democrats introduce bill to address health care worker shortage
December 5, 2017   Channel 3000: Certified nursing assistants would get increased pay under new legislation
December 5, 2017   WQOW 18 ABC (Eau Claire): New bill would give tax credits, grants to CNAs
December 5, 2017   WEAU 13 NBC (Eau Claire): Wisconsin faces shortage of personal health care workers
November 30, 2017 WKOW 27 ABC: State lawmaker wants cities to license Uber and Lyft drivers
November 10, 2017 Associated Press:  Wisconsin bill could increase gun shop security after hours
November 7, 2017    Daily Nurse: Democrats Introduce CNA Pay Act to Address Nursing Aide Shortage
November 5, 2017    The Daily Cardinal:  Nursing certification would become easier under a Republican bill
November 3, 2017    Deforest Times-Tribune: Janet Mills: Overturn Citizens United
November 2, 2017    WIZM: Assembly approves GOP bill tightening restrictions on types of abortions state health insurance plans cover
November 2, 2017 Bill to block state employees’ insurance plans from covering abortions clears Assembly
November 1, 2017    Badger Herald: Politicians express concern about proposed redaction of Madison’s sanctuary city status
November 1, 2017    Wisconsin State Journal: State Senate sends homelessness bills to the governor
October 30, 2017     Badger Herald: Legislation revives debate on sanctuary cities
October 26,2017       The Capital Times: Democratic lawmakers ask Ray Cross to slow down UW mergers
October 26,2017       Wisconsin Gazette: Waukesha Republican blocks public hearing on Citizens United
October 25, 2017       WKOW 27 ABC: Lawmaker proposes security requirement in wake of gun thefts
October 25, 2017      Channel 3000: Bill would require businesses lock up firearms when unattended
October 25, 2017      WMTV NBC 15: Gun shop break-in leads to proposal on gun storage
October 25, 2017       Fox47: Bill would require businesses lock up firearms when unattended
October 25, 2017       Wisconsin Radio Network: Legislation would require tighter security at gun stores
October 25, 2017       The Capital Times: La Cross and Halsted: Support bill ending shackling of inmates in childbirth
October 19, 2017       Channel 3000: Democratic bill hopes to end practice of shackling inmates during childbirth
October 19, 2017       The Capital Times: Jim Crist: Urge Legislature to give citizens say on money in politics
October 19, 2017       WEAU 13 NBC: NRA's insurance coverage for gun owners causes controversy
October 16, 2017       WPR: Democrat Seeks Price Transparency On Prescription Drugs
October 13, 2017       Beloit Daily News: Trio of  bills unveiled to address drug prices
October 05, 2017       Fox47: Legislators announce bill banning firearm modifier possessed by Las Vegas shooter
September 20, 2017  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Madison monuments hit with anti-Semitic, anti-police graffiti
September 15, 2017  Wisconsin State Journal:  Foxconn $3 billion subsidy bill heads to Scott Walker's desk after passing Legislature
September 14,2017   WUWM: State Assembly Gives Final Approval to Foxconn Bill 
September 14, 2017  Badger Herald: Foxconn incentive package heads to Walker’s desk after passing in state Assembly
September 13, 2017  WPR: Wisconsin Assembly Passes $76B State Budget
September 13, 2017  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin lawmaker almost received railroad gate on his own road through budget
September 9, 2017   The Capital Times: 6 Assembly members: The opportunity cost of corporate welfare
September 7, 2017   Badger Herald: Dane County legislators address concerns of future health care in Wisconsin at town hall
August 17, 2017       Washington Post:Wisconsin Assembly passes $3 billion for Foxconn
August 17, 2017       BizTimes: Assembly passes Foxconn bill with three Dem votes
August 17, 2017       Associated Press: Wisconsin Assembly passes $3 billion for Foxconn
July 12, 2017            The Capital Times: Rep. Lisa Subeck and Sen. Dave Hansen: We need a statewide referendum on big money in politics
July 06, 2017            WKOW 27 ABC: "Get Your Hands Off Our Healthcare" rally at State Capitol
June 25, 2017           The Capital Times: John Nichols: Speech police seek to gag UW campuses
June 22, 2017           Minnesota Public Radio: Wisconsin Assembly passes free-speech-on-campus bill
June 21, 2017           Washington Post: Wisconsin assembly advances bill to suspend or expel students who disrupt campus speakers
June 21, 2017           WPR: Wisconsin Assembly Passes Campus Free Speech Bill
June 21, 2017           Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin Assembly passes campus free speech bill
June 08, 2017           Wisconsin Watchdog: Study finds Wisconsin poverty rate reached new low in 2015 
June 06, 2017           Kenosha News: State Dems decry Ryan, GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare
June 05, 2017           Fox News: Wisconsin's push to drug test Medicaid recipients draws praise, critics
May 30, 2017            WORT: A Public Affair: Capitol Update
May 26, 2017            Wisconsin State Journal: Support referendum on dark money -- Kathleen Williams
May 12, 2017            WPT Here and Now: Subeck Explains How Proposed Bills Could Help The Homeless
May 10, 2017            WISN 12 ABC: Wisconsin lawmakers to vote on drug testing in more state-run programs
May 10, 2017            Associated Press: State Assembly OKs expanding drug screening for benefits
May 10, 2017            WPR: Assembly Approves Work Requirements For Some Housing Voucher Recipients
May 09, 2017            Channel 3000: Housing First strategy is best way to address homelessness
May 09, 2017            Wisconsin State Journal: Democratic lawmaker offers bills to combat homelessness
May 03, 2017             WUWM 89.7 FM: State Lawmakers Pass Measures Designed to Tackle Homelessness
May 03, 2017             Wisconsin State Journal: State Assembly passes bills to combat homelessness
May 02, 2017    Assembly passes homelessness bills but Dems say larger investments needed
May 02, 2017             WMTV NBC: The state Assembly passes a package legislation Tuesday to fight homelessness
May 02, 2017             FOX 11: State Assembly addresses issue of homelessness
April 26, 2017          The Capital Times: Assembly committee advances bill to bar state health plans from covering abortions
April 24, 2017          WMTV NBC: New coalition aims to reduce gun violence across the state
April 21, 2017         WPR: Proposal Tying Housing Vouchers To Work Moves Forward
April 20, 2017        Wisconsin State Journal: State Assembly committee passes package of GOP bills to address homelessness
April 20, 2017 Bill would bar state health plans from covering abortions, with some exceptions
April 19, 2017        The Capital Times: Wisconsin lawmakers clash over proposal to block state health plans from covering abortions
April 19, 2017       Wisconsin Radio Network: Wisconsin lawmakers revive ‘Move to Amend’
April 19, 2017       Wisconsin State Journal: Speakers support GOP homelessness bills at hearing
April 19, 2017       The Daily Cardinal: Assembly Committee considers bills to combat statewide homelessness
April 18, 2017        Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:  Homeless advocates to Wisconsin lawmakers: 'We don't really even have a plan.'
April 17, 2017        Associated Press: Summary of Walker's proposals to limit Medicaid released
April 13, 2017        Wisconsin State Journal: State Democratic lawmakers cool to GOP proposals to address homelessness
April 12, 2017        WFAW News: Food Stamps Bill Receives Criticism
April 12, 2017         Associated Press: Republican bills target homelessness in Wisconsin
April 12, 2017         WPR: Republican State Lawmakers Unveil Bills To Combat Homelessness
April 11, 2017         Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: ’Deadbeat parents’ would lose food stamp benefits under Wisconsin GOP bill
April 7, 2017           The Lakeland Times: Assembly approves nine bills to fight drug abuse, addiction 
April 5, 2017           The Capital Times: Opioid bills pass Wisconsin Assembly after tense partisan debate
March 16, 2017       Wisconsin Radio Network: Lawmakers propose allowing cities to ban guns on public buses
March 16, 2017       The Capital Times: Madison mayor backs bill pushing municipal control over guns on buses
March 15, 2017       WKOW: State Democrats propose bill to disinvest businesses who contract with the feds to build Mexican border wall
March 12, 2017       Sly's Podcast:Rep. Lisa Subeck: Another State Budget for the Wealthy 
March 8, 2017         Wisconsin State Journal: Lawmakers consider effort to allow Dane County towns to opt out of county zoning without referendums
February 22, 2017   The Capital Times: Wisconsin lawmakers consider 'right-to-try' bill for experimental treatments
February 22, 2017   Associated Press: Bipartisan support for Wisconsin Bill helping terminally ill
February 22, 2017   Wisconsin State Journal: Bill would create charter school for teens recovering from substance abuse problems
February 21, 2017   The Badger Herald: Bill looks to limit abortion services for nearly 250,000 public sector employees
February 11, 2017   The Capital Times: Reps. Lisa Subeck and Melissa Sargent: GOP is only putting out fires it started
February 7, 2017     The Northwoods River News: It's back to the drawing board on redistricting
February 6, 2017     The Capital Times: Bill would block Wisconsin state employees' insurance plans from covering abortion
January 31, 2017     The Northwoods River News: Walker proposes major welfare reform
January 27, 2017      WKOW: Federal judges order Wisconsin Assembly districts be redrawn by November
January 25, 2017      Wisconsin Public Radio: Two Takes On Gov. Walker's Welfare Reform Plans
January 24, 2017 Thompson backs Walker's welfare plan, calls for bipartisan support
January 24, 2017      The Badger Herald: Walker brings ‘carrot and stick’ approach to welfare
January 24, 2017      The Capital Times: Scott Walker, Tommy Thompson unveil proposed welfare changes, Democrats blast plan
January 23, 2017      The Daily Cardinal: Walker proposes requiring welfare recipients to work 80 hours per month
January 22, 2017      Sly's Podcast: State Rep. Lisa Subeck, GOP’s Next Effort To Cut Wages
October 05, 2016      The Nation: A 90-Year-Old Woman Who’s Voted Since 1948 Was Disenfranchised by Wisconsin’s Voter-ID Law
October 03, 2016      Brava Magazine: Women Would Change Policy: Q+A With State Rep. Lisa Subeck
August 28, 2016       The Capital Times:  Inflated EpiPen Pricing Scheme Endangers Lives 
July 27, 2016            The Capital Times: Wisconsin transportation fund faces $939 million shortfall 
June 28, 2016           The Capital Times: Scott Walker requests full DOT budget by September 15, holds line on tax hikes
June 14, 2016            The Capital Times: Rep. Lisa Subeck: Republicans missed chance to address transportation funding crisis
April 25, 2016             The Badger Herald: Unpaid leave, lack of maternity provisions impact working women
April 13, 2016             The Capital Times: Rep. Lisa Subeck: Wage gap impacts Wisconsin women 
March 31, 2016          The Capital Times: Republicans put political ambition ahead of fair elections
March 18, 2016           WKOW: Two Madison lawmakers demand apology from Justice Rebecca Bradley over columns
March 18, 2016           Wisconsin Gazette: Assembly Democrats call on Rebecca Bradley to resign
March 11, 2016           The Capital Times: Rep. Lisa Subeck: Dems' student debt bill far superior to GOP's weak plan
February 17, 2016      WPR: As Session's End Nears, State Senate, Assembly Tackle Slew Of Legislation
February 17, 2016      The Capital Times: Wisconsin Assembly passes bill banning 'sanctuary cities'
February 17, 2016      Wisconsin State Journal: Parents of murder victim, Democratic lawmakers unite to seek return of 48-hour wait on gun buys
February 15, 2016      The Badger Herald: Equal pay for equal work: Wisconsin lags behind for pay equality
February 15, 2016      The Badger Herald: Wisconsin stakeholders take a variety of approaches to address human trafficking
February 01, 2016      The Badger Herald: Locked away: Bills would require new gun storage practices
January 30, 2016        Sly 93.7FM: State Rep. Lisa Subeck: Fighting Against GOP Anti-Women Bills
January 26, 2016        The Devil's Advocates: State Rep. Lisa Subeck
January 22, 2016        WORT: Concern And Confusion Over Wisconsin Bill Banning ‘Sanctuary Cities’
January 21, 2016        WPR: Citizens United Opponents Mark Ruling's Anniversary With Capitol Protest 
January 20, 2016        The Capital Times: Rep. Jesse Kremer need not fret if gun bill fails to advance
January 19, 2016        Wisconsin Gazette: Gun safety legislation introduced in Madison
January 18, 2016        The Northwoods River News: Bill would allow concealed weapons on school grounds
January 14, 2016        Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Assembly unlikely to take up school gun measure this year  
January 10, 2016        The Star: Disabled cab rider bill clears Senate committee
January 04, 2016        WKOW: Wisconsin layoff notices topped 10,000 in 2015
December 23, 2015    The Capital Times: Is nothing sacred?
November 04, 2015    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Oscar Mayer will close plant and move 1,000 jobs out of Madison
November 04, 2015    Channel 3000: Oscar Mayer in Madison to close 
November 04, 2015    The Daily Cardinal: Democrats’ bill would ban assault weapons outright
November 03, 2015    The Badger Herald: Assembly votes against ‘higher ed, lower debt’ bill
October 20, 2015       Wisconsin State Journal: Employers of political contributors no longer would be public under change to bill
October 19, 2015       Sly 93.7FM: State Rep. Lisa Subeck: Three Bad Bills
October 19, 2015       Channel 3000: Major campaign finance reforms to be debated 
October 19, 2015       The Capital Times: Dane County legislators: Democracy is under siege in Wisconsin
October 13, 2015       The Capital Times: Reaction swift at UW-Madison to bill seeking to revoke campus gun ban
September 29, 2015   Sly 93.7FM: State Rep. Lisa Subeck: GOP Attacks on Women's Rights Keep Coming
September 27,2015    Wisconsin State Journal: Photo ID no-brainer would bring a little sense to two brainless GOP initiatives
September 24, 2015   WBAY: Assembly passes bill that could cut Planned Parenthood funds 
September 24, 2015   Wisconsin State Journal: Assembly passes bill taking away Planned Parenthood money  
September 16, 2015   The Capital Times Column: Its wrong to let lawmakers choose their voters  
September 16, 2015 Bill requiring photos on FoodShare cards passes Assembly Committee 
September 15, 2015    WKOW: Bills stripping Planned Parenthood of over $7 million head to Assembly floor
September 15, 2015    Wisconsin State Journal: Assembly committee backs off requiring FoodShare recipients to show photo ID to buy food
September 14, 2015    The Capital Times, Plain Talk: Redistricting reform worth a try despite awful odds
September 08, 2015    FOX6 News: Democrats hope to assign redistricting authority to non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau
September 08, 2015    Wisconsin Radio Network: Wisconsin Democrats renew push for redistricting reform
September 02, 2015    The Daily Cardinal: Legislature hears testimony on proposal to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood
August 27, 2015         WPR: "Grow Wisconsin" Aims To Give SNAP Recipients More Locally Produced Fruits And Vegetables
August 26, 2015         The Capital Times: 95 years after the vote, challenges to achieving full equality for women remain 
August 24, 2015         River News: Political Digest, Committee hears bill to add photos to FoodShare cards
August 19, 2015         The Capital Times: Wisconsin legislators discuss bill to require photo ID for food stamp recipients   
August 18, 2015         Wisconsin Radio Network: GOP moving ahead with FoodShare photo ID  
July 28, 2015              WKOW: Assembly passes Bucks arena deal, sends it to Gov. Walker’s desk
July 28, 2015              The Capital Times: Madison representatives divided on Milwaukee Bucks arena deal
July 28, 2015              WFRV: State Assembly Passes Bill to Fund Bucks Arena
July 28, 2015              Elle: How Your Reproductive Health Became a "Political Bargaining Chip"
July 20, 2015              Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker signs 20-week abortion ban
July 20, 2015              Wisconsin Gazette: Scott Walker signs anti-abortion bill into law
July 16, 2015              Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Lawmaker asks state to investigate Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
July 16, 2015              Sly 93.7FM: State Rep. Lisa Subeck State Employee Contracts 
July 10, 2015              Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker plans to sign 20-week abortion ban
July 09, 2015               WPR: Wisconsin Assembly Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban 
July 09, 2015               Wisconsin Radio Network: Assembly approves Wisconsin budget
July 09, 2015               WKOW: Wisconsin Assembly approves 20-week abortion ban
July 09, 2015                Reuters: Wisconsin lawmakers pass state budget, partial repeal of prevailing wage law
July 09, 2015                Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Assembly passes bill banning abortion after 20 weeks
June 29, 2015               Channel 3000: Lawmakers say budget deadline will be missed
June 26, 2015               Capital Times: Flags may fall, but in Wisconsin, gun culture stands tall
June 25, 2015               Sly 93.7FM: Budget Update from State Rep. Lisa Subeck 
June 24, 2015               Reuters: Wisconsin governor signs bill repealing handgun waiting period
June 10, 2015               Wisconsin Radio Network: Wisconsin Assembly eliminates waiting period for handgun purchases
June 09, 2015               Reuters: Wisconsin lawmakers vote to repeal 48-hour handgun waiting period
June 02, 2015               WKBT News: WI state lawmakers hold public hearing over newly proposed abortion bill
May 26, 2015                WKOW News: Lawmakers join local representative in minimum wage fight
May 19, 2015                WORT A Public Affair: FoodShare Reform  
May 14, 2015                Washington Post: Wisconsin wants to discourage the poor from spending food stamps on junk food
May 08, 2015                Wisconsin State Journal: Wisconsin lawmakers propose 20-week abortion ban; Scott Walker on board
May 06, 2015                Capital Times: Scott Walker's decision to sign Uber/Lyft law was deplorable
May 05, 2015                Sly 93.7FM: State Rep. Lisa Subeck: Uber Update
May 04, 2015                 WPR: Subeck Sponsors Bills To Help Those On Food Assistance Make Better Nutritional Choices 
April 30, 2015                Capital Times: Wisconsin lawmakers to discuss bill restricting food stamp purchases
April 29, 2015                Wisconsin Gazette: Wisconsin rep. introduces bill for $15 minimum wage
April 23, 2015                Daily Cardinal: Congressional Democrats push policy on Earth Day
April 16, 2015                Capital Times: Wisconsin lawmakers advance bill to regulate Uber and Lyft, preempt local laws 
April 13, 2015                Wisconsin State Journal: Bill proposed to allow online driver's education course instruction
April 09, 2015                Sly 93.7FM: State Rep. Lisa Subeck: Will Dems Cave to Uber?  
March 19, 2015              Capital Times Column: Repeal restrictions on abortion funding for more equitable health care access
March 16, 2015              WKOW News: Bill would prohibit violent felons from owning vicious dogs
February 03, 2015          Channel 3000: Democrats say governor’s budget does not put Wis. residents first
January 21, 2015            WPR: Assemblywoman Proposes Statewide Referendum On Role Of Money In Politics
January 21, 2015            Capital Times: Wisconsin coalition pushes to overturn Citizens United on fifth anniversary of ruling
January 13, 2015            Sly 93.7FM: Introducing Madison State Rep. Lisa Subeck