Republican Budget Rigged Against Wisconsin Families

September 13, 2017

MADISON – Representative Lisa Subeck (D- Madison) made the following statement as the State Assembly begins debate on Assembly Bill 64, the 2017-2019 budget bill.

“The state budget is a reflection of our values and priorities, and the budget we will consider today, like the three budgets passed under Governor Walker before it, highlights the flawed priorities and wrongheaded values of Republicans in the State Capitol. Again, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans are poised to pass a budget that puts wealthy donors, special interests, and big corporations ahead of the people of Wisconsin.

Working families across the state are struggling to get by on stagnant wages in an economy that lags behind the rest of the nation; our universities are suffering thanks to years of funding cuts; our neighborhood roads and schools are crumbling; and health care, childcare, and family leave remain out of reach for too many of our neighbors. Yet, this Republican budget offers continuing tax breaks for the wealthy and a barrage of giveaways to moneyed special interests while further driving down wages and failing to help working families make ends meet.

The budget offered by Republicans is clearly rigged against Wisconsin families and puts political ideology and their wealthy donors ahead of their constituents. Today, I will stand with my Democratic colleagues in support of substantial changes that would put the people of Wisconsin first for a change.”