Representative Lisa Subeck Supports Governor’s Veto of Six Anti-Voting Rights Bills

MADISON - Today, Governor Evers vetoed six anti-voting rights bills (SB 203, SB 204, SB 205, SB 210, SB 212, SB 292) passed by the Republican controlled legislature. The bills would have instituted new hurdles for voting absentee and would have limited who can return an absentee ballot for a voter.  Representative Lisa Subeck released the following statement.

“The right to vote ensures that every citizen, no matter who they are and no matter what barriers they face, has an equal voice and equal say in our democracy.  The bills vetoed today by Governor Evers would have made it more difficult for Wisconsinites, especially those with disabilities, to participate in our elections.

Today’s veto halted yet another Republican attempt to rig the system through targeted voter suppression. We should do everything in our power to make it easier, not harder, to cast a ballot on Election Day.”