Tonight, Governor Tony Evers delivered his 2021-23 Biennial Budget Address. State Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) issued the following statement in response to his address: 

“I stand by Governor Evers’s plan to help Wisconsin bounce back from the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created for Wisconsin families, businesses, and communities. The Governor’s proposed budget will set the stage for a true Badger Bounceback from the health and financial uncertainty Wisconsinites have faced during the past 11 months. 

The Governor’s budget invests in public education at a time when our schools and our children and families need strong schools the most. Our public schools and our teachers have worked harder than ever to deliver education in new and innovative ways, and I am pleased the Governor’s budget delivers needed resources and prioritizes public education.

New investments in affordable healthcare will benefit all Wisconsinites. Having served on the Governor’s Task Force to Reduce Prescription Drug Prices, I am especially pleased with the inclusion of several measures we proposed to make drugs more affordable to those who need them. I was also excited to see that Governor’s budget proposes much-needed investment in mental health services, one of my longtime legislative priorities.

The budget proposed tonight includes economic development strategies that will go a long way toward getting us back to our Wisconsin way of life. The Governor’s proposals will increase wages and restore opportunities for our front-line workers to have a voice in their workplace. I have stood with our workers, fighting for an increased minimum wage so no one has to choose between food on the table and a roof over their head, and the Governor’s proposed budget heeds this call with a long-overdue minimum wage increase. These investments in the hardworking people of our state are critical to moving Wisconsin forward into the next decade. 

I also support the Governor’s agenda to assist families struggling with skyrocketing childcare costs, an issue I have discussed with him on behalf of my constituents who have shared their stories of childcare challenges with me. Again, the governor proposes increased funding to address homelessness. Having worked to pass legislation to increase access to affordable housing and keep people housed, I look forward to working to ensure these budget members are implemented. Also, I commend the governor for including in his budget measures I brought to his attention to expand access to legal representation for those who cannot afford it in civil cases. Direct investments like these ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors will also be able to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic.  

The budget Governor Evers outlined tonight is a bold proposal that lays the groundwork for Wisconsin to move forward over the biennium, post-pandemic, and into the future. I look forward to working with the Governor and my colleagues on a state budget that reflects Wisconsin values and puts the people of Wisconsin first.” 

Representative Subeck noted that the budget includes a number of other initiatives she has worked on and brought to the attention of the Governor. She will be highlighting these in the upcoming days. Some of these measures include:


  • Increased access to ABLE accounts that help disabled individuals and their families save for the future.
  • Access to civil legal assistance for individuals in need.
  • Reducing fraud and waste through the reinstatement of the False Claims Act.
  • Criminal justice reforms, including limitations on the shackling of incarcerated women who are pregnant.
  • Expanded access to mental health care, including regional crisis mental health centers to eliminate the need to transport individuals facing mental health crises from Dane County, or elsewhere in the state, to Winnebago County.
  • Improved funding for District Attorney’s office that will bring needed resources to Dane County and others.
  • Initiatives to address homelessness and increase access to affordable housing.
  • Funding to increase access to affordable, quality childcare.
  • Comprehensive plan to help Wisconsinites afford their prescription medications.
  • Resources for local government and additional local control to ensure our communities can provide the highest quality services to residents.
  • Increased minimum wage and additional policies to support working families. 


Rep. Subeck has represented the 78th Assembly District since 2015 and serves as vice-chair of the Assembly Democratic Caucus.