Democratic Elections Committee Members Statement On Federal Ruling Affirming Voting Rights


MADISON - Today, Democratic members of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections released the following statement reacting to a ruling from U.S. District Judge James Peterson confirming the right of voters with disabilities to cast their ballot:

“Today, Wisconsin voters had their voting rights confirmed by a federal judge instead of by the laws of our state.

“The case decided today was a direct result of Republican efforts to undermine voting rights in Wisconsin and restrict the ability of voters to return their ballots. Republicans were so intent on limiting voters’ ability to cast their absentee ballot that some voters with disabilities would have had no way of returning their ballot and exercising their right to participate in our democracy.

“For years, Republicans have attempted to limit voting in our state in order to dictate the results of elections. The fact that they have failed to do so in this case does not change the immeasurable damage that they have done to voting rights in our state. Republicans in the Legislature and on the State Supreme Court have consistently failed to protect voting rights – and actively chosen to undermine voting rights – at nearly every opportunity.

“Today’s ruling is a victory for voters, but it should not require a federal judge to defend voting rights in Wisconsin.”


State Representative Mark Spreitzer (D - Beloit)

State Representative Jodi Emerson (D - Eau Claire)

State Representative Lisa Subeck (D - Madison)