Prescription Medication Assistance

Access to affordable prescription medication is vital to the quality of life for many in our community. Below is a list of resources available to those in our community:


AIDS/HIV Drug Assistance Program


The Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Drug Assistance Program provides resources to support Wisconsinites dealing with HIV and associated health problems. They supply eligible people with access to medications and health insurance assistance.




SeniorCare Drug Assistance Program


The SeniorCare Drug Assistance Program is a prescription drug assistance program for Wisconsin residents 65 years of age or older. Those enrolled in Medicaid are not eligible for SeniorCare.   



Medicaid Assistance


Wisconsin Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides high quality health care coverage and other services to over 1 million Wisconsin residents. There are Medicaid programs available for children, adults, seniors, pregnant women, and people with disabilities all with their own eligibility criteria.




The Wisconsin Board on Ageing

and Long Term Care


The Wisconsin Board on Ageing and Long Term Care provides resources to help navigate options regarding ageing, long term care, Medicare, and prescription drug coverage.




Disability Rights Wisconsin


Disability Rights Wisconsin provides a Medicare Part D helpline for those experiencing problems with the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. You can reach their helpline at 1-800-926-4862.