Many different items are available for constituents by request in the Capitol. If you would like a citation prepared in honor of a loved one, a flag to be flown above the Capitol building in their honor, an official Wisconsin blue book, or a map of our state, please let us know. General information about each of these items is available below.




Each legislative office distributes, free of charge, copies of the Wisconsin Blue Book. Call 608-266-3784 or e-mail for a free copy.





Each legislative office distributes, free of charge, state of Wisconsin Highway maps. Call 608-266-3784 or e-mail for a free copy.




The legislature can issue a formal citation to commend someone who has achieved a remarkable personal or professional accomplishment or milestone, or who has distinguished themselves through outstanding service to their state or community. For example, citations are frequently given to those achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, for retirements, for milestone anniversaries and birthdays, to commend a winning team, and more.


To request a citation for someone you know, write to me and please include:

  • Name of person receiving citation.
  • Contact person and phone number where he/she can be reached.
  • Event and date of awarding event (if there is one).
  • A short description of why this person is deserving of a citation. Please list any:
    • Any community or volunteer groups the person has participated in (if applicable).
    • Any other professional, educational, athletic, or artistic achievements that are applicable.
    • Any public offices held.
  • Date of Wedding/Birthday (if applicable).




You may order a U.S. or Wisconsin flag through our office for a very minimal fee. The Assembly Chief Clerk keeps Wisconsin flags and United States flags in stock. Flag choices are:

  • Nylon U.S. flag (3’ x 5’) = $12.00
  • Nylon Wisconsin flag (3’ x 5’) = $12.00
  • Shipping and handling (1 - 3 flags) = $7.00


Send checks payable to "Assembly Chief Clerk" to my office at the below address:

Rep. Shelia Stubbs

P.O. Box 8953, Madison, WI 53708


Our office will mail the flag to you. 

If you would like the flag flown over the Capitol at no extra charge, please let us know. You will receive a certificate attesting to such, along with the flag.