Rep. Armstrong Votes to Override Evers UI Veto 

MADISON, WI – With thousands of jobs continuing to go unfilled across the state despite businesses offering hiring bonuses and higher wages, State Rep. Dave Armstrong (R-Rice Lake) and his fellow Assembly Republicans voted to override Gov. Tony Evers’ veto of Assembly Bill 336, which would restore Wisconsin unemployment benefits to pre-COVID levels by ending the state’s participation in several federal supplemental programs, including PUA, PEUC, FPUC, and MEUC.

“When I voted for AB 336 the first time in June, things were bad enough – hundreds of vacant positions in Barron County alone,” Representative Armstrong said.  “Things haven’t changed since the Governor’s veto.  I don’t think there’s a Main Street in the 75th District where you don’t see Help Wanted signs, but the number of people on unemployment in Wisconsin is still more than double what it was before COVID.  The federal supplements are acting as a disincentive to return to work, which makes it impossible for Wisconsin’s businesses to operate to their full potential.  Just last week, Forbes published a survey of individuals on unemployment where nearly 1/3 said they declined jobs due to the enhanced benefits.  This is unacceptable and hurts not only businesses, but also the employees they do have, their customers, and their communities.”

The vote to override the Governor’s veto was 59-37, short of the necessary two-thirds.

“It’s unfortunate that not one Assembly Democrat was willing to admit that the Governor’s veto was wrong for Wisconsin,” Representative Armstrong said.  “The employment crisis is a statewide problem – not a Republican or a Democrat problem – not an urban or a rural problem.  Although the Governor’s veto stands, I will continue to work on finding solutions to end this crisis.”