Rep. Armstrong Votes on COVID Package 

MADISON, WI – The State Assembly met today to pass a number of bills to limit government overreach, protect workers, and ensure legislative oversight of government spending.

“The pandemic has created many opportunities for government abuse in the name of combatting COVID,” State Rep. David Armstrong (R-Rice Lake) said.  “That is why I joined my fellow Republicans in voting to protect Wisconsin residents’ right to decide for themselves whether they will receive the COVID vaccine.  Assembly Bill 23 forbids the state and local governments from requiring their residents to receive the vaccine, and Assembly Bill 25 prohibits employers from imposing a COVID vaccine requirement on their employees.

“I also voted for Assembly Bill 24, which will prohibit governments from closing places of worship or forbidding religious gatherings in response to COVID.  The First Amendment’s guarantee of Americans’ free exercise of their religion doesn’t stop during a pandemic.

“The Assembly also took up bills that promote transparency and accountability,” Representative Armstrong added.  “Senate Bill 38 requires Governor Evers to prepare a plan for when state employees will return to their offices.  Wisconsin taxpayers deserve to know that their employees are doing the work they are paid to do.  Senate Bill 183 also requires the Governor to submit a plan – this time for how he wants to spend the billions of dollars Wisconsin has and will receive from the federal government for COVID.  It’s inconceivable that a single person should have unfettered discretion over that amount of money without any meaningful input from the taxpayers’ elected representatives.”

Assembly Bills 23, 24, and 25 will now go to the Senate for further consideration, while Senate Bills 38 and 183 will go to Governor Evers for his approval.