Rep. Armstrong Votes for Stimulus Package

Package Includes Armstrong Rural Economic Development Proposal 

MADISON, WI – The State Assembly has passed a series of bills that direct incoming federal stimulus dollars to Wisconsin families and businesses and make necessary investments in Wisconsin’s infrastructure.  These funds are part of the $3.2 billion coming to Wisconsin under the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

One bill, Assembly Bill 235, was introduced by State Rep. Dave Armstrong (R-Rice Lake).  AB 235 requires the Governor to allocate $50 million in ARPA funds for rural economic development programs and organizations and an additional $50 million for farm support grants.

“I am proud to have introduced AB 235,” Representative Armstrong said.  “Even before COVID-19, economic development in rural Wisconsin lagged behind our urban and suburban areas, but the pandemic hit our rural economies particularly hard.  I believe AB 235 – combined with the other stimulus bills the Assembly passed today – is an important step in helping our entire state not just get back to normal as we emerge from the pandemic, but stronger.”

Other bills the Assembly passed today with Representative Armstrong’s support include:

  • Assembly Bill 232, which dedicates over $1 billion for 10% payments to property taxpayers.
  • Assembly Bill 233, which allocates $200 million to small businesses hurt by the pandemic.
  • Assembly Bill 234, which directs $75 million for grants to tourism organizations and amusement and theme parks.
  • Assembly Bill 236, which sets aside $150 million for Wisconsin’s nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.
  • Assembly Bill 237, which requires the Governor to allocate sufficient funds to the state unemployment reserve fund to keep contribution rates at the lowest levels.
  • Assembly Bill 238, which allocates over $308 million for local roads and bridges.
  • Assembly Bill 239, which directs $500 million for broadband expansion.
  • Assembly Bill 240, which dedicates over $69 million for improving emergency services technology systems and for expanding psychiatric bed capacity in northwestern Wisconsin.
  • Assembly Bill 241, which uses $250 million to retire public debt and another $250 million to retire transportation revenue bonds.


“These bills will now go to the Senate for further consideration,” Representative Armstrong said.  “Should these bills end up on Governor Evers’ desk, I hope he will take this opportunity to work with the Legislature in allocating these billions of ARPA dollars in an open, transparent, and accountable way.”