Assembly Passes Workforce Housing Package,

Shared Revenue Proposals 

MADISON, WI – The Assembly has passed a series of proposals that are designed to combat Wisconsin’s ongoing housing shortage.  The housing package included two bills introduced by State Rep. Dave Armstrong (R-Rice Lake).  The Assembly also approved two bills to implement the shared revenue agreement legislative Republicans recently stuck with Gov. Tony Evers.

“Wisconsin is in the middle of a housing crisis,” Representative Armstrong said.  “There simply aren’t enough residential units being built to meet demand, so rents and home prices are soaring.  The result is that people are getting priced out of the market, and this contributes to the labor shortage as well.  People don’t want to work in a community or region – or state – where they can’t afford to live.  As Barron County’s economic development director, this is a problem I struggle with every day, so I was thrilled when these housing bills began to take form.”

The housing package included two proposals Representative Armstrong introduced:  Assembly Bill 39 (expanding the low-income housing tax credit) and Assembly Bill 264 (establishing a residential housing infrastructure revolving loan fund.

Following the Assembly’s housing actions, the Senate, which also met on June 14, concurred in most of the bills, which will now go to Governor Evers for his consideration.

The Legislature also passed two proposals that were part of the shared revenue agreement legislative leadership made with Governor Evers.  Assembly Bill 245 overhauls the current shared revenue program that has been broken for years.  It includes payment increases of at least 20% to Wisconsin municipalities other than Milwaukee, which AB 245 instead gives the ability to impose a city sales tax.  The other proposal, Senate Bill 330, increases per-pupil payments for the Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Racine school choice programs, as well as for the Special Needs Scholarship Program.  AB 245 and SB 330 will also go to Governor Evers.

“I can’t say how exciting it was to pass not only the incredibly important housing package, but also the shared revenue and school choice bills,” Representative Armstrong said.  “Any one of these is a great benefit to Wisconsin residents, but accomplishing all three in one day was very satisfying!”