Armstrong Votes to Protect Women’s Athletics, Children

Madison, WI – The Assembly met today to vote on legislation designed to preserve competition in women’s athletics and to protect children from life-changing, irreversible surgeries and other procedures.

Assembly Bill 377 requires public schools, charters schools, and choice schools to designate sports teams as male, female, or coed.  Male students (as determined at birth) would not be allowed to participate on female teams.  Assembly Bill 378 establishes a similar system at UW schools and technical colleges.

“Biological males are on average taller, faster, and stronger than biological females, giving them an unfair advantage in women’s athletics,” State Rep. Dave Armstrong (R-Rice Lake) explained.  “It’s not just about girls and women being able to enjoy athletic activities on a level playing field, but titles and scholarships are also at risk.  That’s why I voted for AB 377 and AB 378.

Representative Armstrong also voted for Assembly Bill 465, which generally prohibits healthcare providers from engaging in gender transition treatments or procedures for minors.  

“Children are children.  Their brains haven’t fully matured to make life-changing decisions of this magnitude,” Representative Armstrong said.  “I have heard opponents of AB 465 claim that gender transition protects the mental health of some children, but I don’t believe you treat mental health issues with physical mutilation. 

“Furthermore, Wisconsin law draws the line on many things until kids turn 18.  Besides things like voting, children can’t even get tattoos, and I think most people would agree that gender transition is much more drastic, with many more physical and mental health risks.  Several European countries also prohibit or discourage transition-related surgeries before 18.”

Assembly Bills 227, 378, and 465 will now go to the Senate for further consideration, as will Assembly Joint Resolution 82, condemning Hamas’ recent attack on Israel.

“Hamas’ barbaric actions against Israel and the Israeli people are appalling, to say the very least,” Representative Armstrong said.  “That’s why I was proud to cosponsor and vote for AJR 82.  Wisconsin stands with Israel.”