Armstrong Votes for Workforce Package

Madison, WI – The Assembly met in special session on November 14 to pass a historic workforce package that cuts taxes for Wisconsin’s middle class, expands the childcare tax credit, streamlines the occupational licensure system, and makes important reforms to unemployment insurance (UI) .

“Legislative Republicans have consistently fought for lower taxes and welfare reform, and Governor Evers has just as consistently rejected these commonsense policies,” said State Rep. Dave Armstrong (R-Rice Lake).  “This new package is yet opportunity for the Governor to do the right thing for Wisconsin residents.”

The Senate passed an amended version of Special Session Senate Bill 1 in October.  As amended by Senate Substitute Amendment 1, which the Assembly has now concurred in, SS SB 1:

  • Cuts the rate of the third tax bracket, which includes the average Wisconsin household income of $67,000, from 5.3% to 4.4%. This is a tax cut of $2 billion for Wisconsin’s middle class.
  • Allows Wisconsin families to claim a state childcare tax credit equal to the federal credit, as opposed to just half. The expanded credit will save Wisconsin families $144 million over the next two tax cycles.
  • Makes a number of changes to Wisconsin’s occupational licensure system, including expanding the reciprocal credential process, ratifying several interstate licensure compacts, extending renewal periods for certain occupations, and expanding the preliminary credential process. At a time when Wisconsin faces a workforce shortage, these and other changes will make it easier for qualified people to work in this state.
  • Reforms Wisconsin’s UI system to place more emphasis on helping eligible claimants to find employment while also identifying ineligible or fraudulent claimants through more-robust database comparisons.


“As a county economic development director, I recognize the importance of making Wisconsin an attractive place for people to live and work,” Representative Armstrong said.  “By cutting taxes, making childcare more affordable, and simplifying the occupational licensure process, SS SB 1 is a big step in the right direction.  I hope Governor Evers will sign it when it gets to his desk.”