Armstrong Votes for Law and Order Package 

MADISON, WI – Today the Assembly passed a series of bills to improve public safety and accountability.  Each of the criminal justice proposals passed with the support of State Rep. Dave Armstrong (R-Rice Lake).

“Violent crime isn’t limited to cities like Milwaukee and Madison,” Representative Armstrong said.  “It can affect even our smallest, most rural communities.  That is why I voted for Senate Bill 75, which defines ‘serious harm’ and ‘violent crime’ for the purposes of the bail-reform constitutional amendment on the ballot in April.  I also voted to improve transparency at the Parole Commission [Assembly Bill 47], require judges to approve prosecutors’ decisions to dismiss or defer certain criminal charges [Assembly Bill 57], and define and criminalize participation in riots [Assembly Bill 70].”

The Assembly also approved Assembly Bill 51 to allow Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients to serve as municipal and county law enforcement officers.

“Wisconsin already allows DACA recipients to serve as State Patrol officers, corrections officers, and game wardens,” Representative Armstrong explained.  “It doesn’t make sense to bar them from local law enforcement positions when police and sheriff’s departments across the state are facing staffing shortages.”

Senate Bill 75 will now go to Governor Evers for his consideration, while Assembly Bills 47, 51, 57, and 70 will go to the Senate for further action.