Armstrong Votes for Budget 

MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Legislature has completed its work on the 2023-2025 state budget.  The Senate passed Senate Bill 70 on June 28, and the Assembly concurred on June 29. 

“I was proud to support a budget that cuts taxes by $4.4 billion,” State Rep. Dave Armstrong said.  “This includes a $3.5 billion cut in income taxes and over $600 million in property tax relief.  Governor Evers saw the budget as an opportunity to raise taxes by $2 billion, but legislative Republicans recognize that this money comes from Wisconsin families and employers. 

“Surpluses of the kind we had going into this budget are a sign that government is already taxing too much.  It would have been an insult to Wisconsin residents and businesses to ask them to pay even more.”

Even with these historic tax cuts, the Legislature’s budget provides an additional $1.2 billion to K-12 education and over $1.5 billion for roads and other transportation infrastructure.  The budget also includes additional funding for the renovation and expansion of the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Barron.

“While no budget is perfect – no one can say they got 100% of what they wanted – this is a budget that reflects Wisconsin values and spends within our means,” Representative Armstrong said.  “I hope Governor Evers recognizes this budget’s achievements and signs it into law in the near future.”