Armstrong Responds to State of the State Address 

MADISON, WI – State Rep. Dave Armstrong (R-Rice Lake) had the following response to Gov. Tony Evers’ 2022 State of the State Address:

“As I reviewed the Governor’s address to the Legislature, it struck me that many of the great things he talked about – Wisconsin’s economic recovery, the record-low unemployment rate, and historic tax cuts, and an estimated record-high budget surplus – are almost entirely in spite of his actions as Governor for the last four years.  

“It was Governor Evers and his Department of Health Services that shut down so-called ‘non-essential’ businesses and put hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents on unemployment, while legislative Republicans fought to keep businesses open and allow people to keep their jobs.

“It was Governor Evers who introduced a budget bill that would have raised taxes by over $1 billion dollars, while legislative Republicans passed a final budget that cut taxes by $3.4 billion.

“Now Governor Evers wants to take the future budget surplus – which would not exist if he’d had his way with the budget – and rush through a massive election-year spending plan, rather than allowing the Legislature to do its due diligence during the next budget cycle.

“Wisconsin may be doing better than it was during Governor Evers’ lockdowns, but employers are still struggling to hire workers, and too many people remain on the sidelines.  I look forward to working with my legislative colleagues to get Wisconsin back to work, and I hope Governor Evers will join us in this effort to move Wisconsin forward.”