Armstrong Responds to Evers Veto

Madison, WI – The Legislature recently passed Special Session Senate Bill 1, historic workforce legislation that cuts taxes for Wisconsin’s middle class, expands the childcare tax credit, streamlines the occupational licensure system, and makes important reforms to unemployment insurance (UI).  However, Gov. Tony Ever has now vetoed that proposal.

State Rep. Dave Armstrong (R-Rice Lake) had the following response to the Governor’s action:

I am very disappointed to learn of Governor Evers’ veto of the $2 billion middle-class tax cut passed by the Legislature.  This reinforces the fact that the Governor is fully committed to and revels in the chance to spend other people’s money.  This further shows the difference between the two parties. Republicans believe you are, in fact, the best qualified to spend your money, while the Democrats believe they know better than you. 

Anyone who has been to the grocery store feels the impact of Bidenomics, but Governors Evers has once again shown he has drunk that Kool-Aid and wants more of your money to spend recklessly.