Democrats Talk About Another State of the State

By Ken Krall, WXPR Radio

While Governor Scott Walker has had center stage this week with the State of the State address and a subsequent tour of the state, Democrats are out with what they call the real state of the state.
Assistant Assembly Democratic Leader Katrina Shankland of Stevens Point says they see a set of problems the Walker didn't address...

"....roughly 10,000 hard working Wisconsinites got layoff notices last year, the highest single-year total since the Governor took office. Our state continues to experience lagging job growth and a shrinking middle class. We are third worst in the nation for road quality and student loan debt..."

Shankland says Republicans have cut public education, worked to drive down wages and refused to accept federal Medicaid money....
"....while Republicans keep their focus on policies that harm our economy and our middle class, Democrats are determined to grow our economy, strengthen public education and bring back our middle class..."
Shankland says Governor Walker only provided band-aid responses to deep problems facing Wisconsin citizens.
Shankland's comments were provided as part of a Democratic response to the State of the State message.