Thank you for your interest in our state government! I am honored to serve you as your State Representative for the 71st Assembly District. I believe in clean, open, transparent, and accountable government. With the goal of keeping you as informed as possible, this website highlights issues important to our district and the state of Wisconsin. From current projects, press releases, and news coverage to the various ways to get in touch with me, you will find many ways to stay involved with your state government. I look forward to working with you to support good policy that represents our Wisconsin values.

I provide daily updates on Facebook and read your emails each day. Every month, I host office hours across the district at town halls, nonprofit organizations, parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and other small businesses. I welcome you to share your valuable perspective - please feel free to join in the conversation! 

I also encourage you to contact me via e-mail, snail mail, or phone with your thoughts, concerns, and questions. Whether we agree or disagree, your voice is very important to me. Thank you for being an advocate for issues that matter most to you!

With gratitude,

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Katrina Shankland
71st Assembly District