UWSP students and faculty not in favor of tuition freeze

By WSAW Staff, WSAW News

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - Students and faculty at UW-Stevens Point are sending a message to Governor Scott Walker that cutting and freezing tuition will not solve the costs of higher education.

At an event called the "Fund the Freeze and Cut," students sent a message that they want education to be funded, not just cut. This comes after Walker announced earlier this month that he plans to propose cutting tuition for all in-state undergraduate students.

Representative Katrina Shankland was there, and says the tuition freeze and cut isn't just bad for the students, but the incoming workforce.

"I'm concerned about how the cuts on campus have affected our future workforce and have affected people's ability to achieve their dreams. And so, all we're saying is...if you're going to cut tuition- then fund it," said Shankland.

At the event, Shankland signed two petitions saying that these cuts and freezes need to be funded with help from the state, so students can graduate on time, and avoid taking out more student loans.