Local lawmakers weigh-in on gun control debate

By WSAW News 

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Lawmakers from across the country are responding to the attack in Las Vegas, and the conversation on Capitol Hill now, has turned to gun control.

In Washington, D.C., Representative Sean Duffy spoke about the debate over new gun laws.

"They're going to find firearms. They are going to use firearms to take people's lives. And all that you do with these gun laws that are being pushed by democrats is take firearms away from law-abiding citizens," said Rep. Duffy.

Rep. Duffy goes on to say that we need to try and find the root cause for why these acts happen, as opposed to "taking away American’s second amendment rights."

Stevens Point Representative Katrina Shankland also spoke about the gun control conversation Wednesday, saying it's time for action and less talking.

"I think we need to do more in terms of having a discussion, what we can do, how we can act together. It's become partisan and that's really unfortunate," Rep. Shankland told NewsChannel 7.

Meanwhile, three state lawmakers are calling gun violence a public health crisis. They pushed two assembly bills that would reinstate a 48-hour wait period and require universal background checks on all firearm purchases in the state.

Tougher gun law supporters say would help prevent future tragedies, but some say they don't know that laws like these would have made a difference in Las Vegas.