Rep. Shankland to Hold "Civic Engagement" Workshop

By Logan Wenger, WSAU

STEVENS POINT, WI (WSAU) -- State Representative Katrina Shankland will be joined by her staff for what's being called a "Civic Engagement 101 Workshop" on Saturday. 

Rep. Shankland explains what exactly she's hoping people will learn from this workshop.

"Really, just how to be involved civically in every level of government, how to engage with your legislators, your representatives, local level officials, really anybody that you want to speak your mind to and voice your opinion on issues," said Shankland.

Rep. Shankland says that public comment affects her job day in and day out.

"It is non-stop, every single day," she said. "Whether it's a Facebook post or message, or calls into my office, whether its' meetings that I have, whether it's the emails I get sent. Especially right now, during the budget process, I'm getting many emails a day."

The workshop will be held at the Portage County Public Library in the Pinery Room from 1-3pm on Saturday. Rep. Shankland did want to remind people that public hearings for the state budget are coming up April 3rd, 5th, and 7th across the state and wants people to know that they'll be able to voice any concerns they may have at those hearings.