Shankland on State Budget Struggles

By WSAU News 

Wisconsin's State Budget is now over three weeks late. Although the Senate and the Assembly continue to talk, there is still no deal in place.

State Representative Katrina Shankland says it appears things could be moving in a positive direction.

"It sure looks like there might be some movement," she said. "But, I've also noticed that the Senate Republicans haven't agreed to this yet. It's important to note that they put out their own budget (last) week. I think it's probably too early to tell."

Transportation funding continues to be one of the largest issues holding the budget process back.

Rep. Shankland says she doesn't think Democrats have been giving a fair shot in the transportation funding issue.

"Democrats haven't been invited to the table. A bipartisan solution to the transportation deficit is what's most needed right now. I'm hoping we continue to ask that Democrats be giving an equal seat at the table," Shankland said.

The State Representative says she believes the process seems to be taking one step forward followed by one step back.

Senate Republicans did offer their own version of a state budget plan last week, which is being reviewed by the assembly.