Sex Offender Placement Law Vetoed By Walker

By WSAU Radio 

Governor Scott Walker announced his list of vetoes for the 2017-19 budget and a budget motion by Representative Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) and Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) having to deal with the placement of sexually violent persons (SVPs) was among them.

Rep. Shankland explains what exactly she was trying to accomplish with the motion. "It would allow (local officials) to make the best decision for their community," said Shankland. "In addition, it would require that any sexually violent person, an SVP, if they're approved to be released, to be placed back in their home county so that we wouldn't have this problem of counties sending their SVPs to Portage County."

Rep. Shankland says she's already requested a meeting with the Governor to try and figure out why exactly he vetoed the motion. "Since obviously if we were introduce this again he would just potentially veto it. We've got to find out what he would sign. I've already met with Republican Representative Mark Born, who I worked with closely on this issue, to discuss our next step to figure out what we can do," she said.

Rep. Shankland says the senate has announced that they only planning on meeting a hand full of times until they adjourn early next year so time could be running out for action to be taken on the issue. The motion did pass through the Joint Finance Committee with bipartisan support.