Portage Co. Receives Sex Offender on March 12th

By WSAU News

TOWN OF ALBAN, WI (WSAU) -- Jason Staves, a violent sex offender from Chippewa County, will be released with supervision to property in the Portage County town of Alban across the street from the Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative which serves as a community center.

Representative Katrina Shankland and Portage County D.A. Louis Molepske spoke at the hearingon Mr. Staves last Friday, and while they couldn't prevent the release in Alban, Molepske says the judge did establish conditions for his release.

Molepske said, "The Department of Health has to continue to search for residence in Chippewa County. If they find one, then Mr. Staves will be going back to Chippewa County whenever that occurs."

"He has to have a chaperone or be physically removed from his location if the Electric Co-Op is having any type of community event where children are present," said Molepske. "The judge also required the Department of Health to contact the Electric Co-Op monthly and ask them what type of events are there."

Staves will join fellow sex offender Peter Yogerst in Alban, a release that was made without full knowledge of the co-op's community role. Molepske says it's a lesson for every county to be prepared and locate their own housing for these offenders.

"The Department of Health is having problems finding a place for these people. I think that it's time we just think about finding locations and I think the county boards, who know their counties best, really could help the Department of Health in that manner."

"Everybody, obviously, wants these people under this supervised release to not re-offend. That's why their locations are very important so that there's proper supervision, medical help available to them, and law enforcement."

State law allows any judge to release a violent sex offender to any suitable area in the state, regardless of county where the crimes were committed.  Rep. Shankland is hoping to pass a law changing that practice in this legislative session.

Staves will be relocated to Alban on March 12th. Portage Co. Sheriff Mike Lukas says the department will host a public notification meeting within the next week.